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Salt River Project protects water with creative flow

The Salt River Project (SRP) is a public utility that serves users and the environment by going beyond the essentials. While the not-for-profit supplies power and water to more than a million customers in the greater Phoenix area, it also educates and empowers the same customers through outreach programs.

Salt River Project lives and breathes water, and it wants future generations to do the same. More precisely, the Arizona water and power utility works to preserve the arid region’s most precious resource. So, how does SRP help its users establish behaviors that also protect water supply?

Turns out, it’s all in the files: thousands of them, spanning more than a century. Photos, videos and other media assets used to educate and empower residents through community outreach programs used to sit in filing cabinets or behind digital barriers. Previously, when producers needed assets for campaigns, they would submit a written request, which slowed creativity.

“We had photos and assets that spanned for as long as the organization has existed and we needed tools and processes to manage and find them” – Bill Garmen, Senior Technical Strategist of Creative Productions with the Salt River Project.

Now, producers and editors of high-value content find assets and build collections for collaboration in OpenText™ Media Management and OpenText™ Hightail™. The digital asset manager includes all asset archives, and the process management opens spaces for review, edits and approval of new content. For water conservation campaigns, employees directly select images or other assets in a digital gallery and share drafted projects, even with external shareholders.

“OpenText enables Salt River Project to reach out more efficiently and more precisely with our messaging so we can deliver content faster to market,” said Garmen.

In fact, with its in-house marketing agency, SRP also develops communications for animal rescue organizations and other non-profit entities.

Whether encouraging water-wise habits or adoption of a furry friend, SRP values OpenText technology in its efforts to create timely, persuasive content. Learn more by viewing this video or reading this story about its use of customer experience management solutions.


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