Raising the bar with cloud-based eDiscovery

Kutak Rock provides cutting-edge legal services with eDiscovery from OpenText

Through volatile markets and exacting legislation, Kutak Rock has remained a steady constant. Founded in 1965, Kutak Rock is one of the nation’s leading business law firms, with more than 500 attorneys in 18 locations.

Regardless of scope or scale, Kutak Rock aims to offer high-quality legal services within reach of any business or government entity, including pro bono representation for charitable organizations. To drive cost efficiency, the firm relies on eDiscovery from OpenText™, including expertise from OpenText™ High-Efficiency Managed Review.

“It’s no secret that litigation discovery is the most expensive part of litigating,” noted Robin E. Stewart, Kutak Rock partner and head of the firm’s eDiscovery practice. “The more we can cut down on what we need to review, the more efficient that will be for our clients and the less costly it will be for them.”

Kutak Rock accelerates accurate search and identification of relevant documents in terabytes of data using AI and automation from OpenText™ Insight. The cloud-based platform is intuitive and easy-to-use for firm professionals, though ‘raises the bar’ when paired with High-Efficiency Managed Review services, which combines document review with machine learning expertise and TAR 2.0 technology.

“Utilizing the OpenText continuous active learning technology in addition to its talented document review team, allows us to save client financial resources by quickly and more accurately identifying responsive documents,” Stewart said. “By partnering with OpenText, it has allowed our attorneys to provide cutting edge legal services at a fraction of the cost.”

As a result, Kutak Rock remains a reliable, affordable source of strength to its clients across varied areas, including healthcare, crisis management, consumer protection defense and others. For more about the firm and its eDiscovery results, read our success story here.

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Keri Linscott

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