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Organizations have massively transformed over the past year. Work models are in flux, new endpoints are proliferating, data is under siege, consumer behavior is changing…

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April 12, 20215 minutes read

Organizations have massively transformed over the past year. Work models are in flux, new endpoints are proliferating, data is under siege, consumer behavior is changing and global supply chains are being disrupted.

COVID-19 continues to drive significant change and disruption, and where this all lands remains unclear. But what we do know is that those who invest in, and own, their digital capabilities, are emerging stronger, more competitive and more productive. And helping to build more just and sustainable communities.

Now is the time to accelerate digital transformation. The question is: how to get there?

OpenText World Europe 2021, taking place entirely online on April 14-15, is the largest gathering of Information Management experts in the world. Join OpenText experts, peers and key industry leaders to hear about the extraordinary, shared journey we are all on—building intelligent, secure and connected businesses.

This conference will center on the nexus of change:

  • Modern Work, and the changes driving hybrid work
  • Supply Chains, and the changes driving increased localization and sustainability
  • Modern Experiences for customers
  • Cybersecurity, and ensuring our platforms are protected
  • And modernization and acceleration of innovation in the Cloud
The Information Management Journey

This is a very important OpenText World, and we will have important news around OpenText Cloud Editions. We will be launching a new program—“Grow with OpenText”—that brings together everything you need to transform your business, regardless of your point of departure, into what we believe is the Ultimate Cloud. Purpose-built for Information Management, the Ultimate Cloud provides one complete and seamless solution to help organizations grow and evolve for the future of business. We are eager to show you.

The Ultimate Cloud

OpenText World Europe will be an exciting 2-day virtual event filled with executive and guest keynotes, product demos and Q&As, breakout sessions, hands-on labs, networking meet-ups, and of course some great entertainment too!

Best of all, you can completely customize your experience, mixing and matching to suit your preferences and get the most out of this fantastic event! Create a conference agenda that works for you. You can join just a keynote, a series of keynotes or the entire conference. The virtual conference is designed specifically for digital engagement and learning, and designed for your ease of viewing and consumption.

Keynote Speakers

As always, I am greatly looking forward to our keynotes, which will shed more light on the latest OpenText solutions and innovations, as well as address today’s most pressing topics.

In my keynote, I will explore how today’s technologies—the cloud, AI, automation—can help every business become intelligent, secure and connected, no matter its point of departure. I will discuss how OpenText Cloud Editions—the Ultimate Cloud—supports key business priorities: enabling collaboration and virtual work, building sustainable business networks, providing stellar customer experiences, and ensuring a strong foundation of security and data protection. All of it augmented and enhanced with analytics, AI and tools for developers. I will also speak with key business leaders from Nestlé, Roche, and Ashghal about how they are leveraging digital technologies to transform and thrive.

Executive Vice President and Chief Product Officer at OpenText Muhi Majzoub’s keynote will center on how information management technologies and practices have adapted as companies worldwide have had to adjust to a more distributed and modern work environment. Muhi will speak with technology leaders at Novartis and A2A to garner key insights on digital transformation. And he will highlight the OpenText innovations that enable companies to perform in today’s new world, including demonstrations of new cloud products and a visionary product roadmap that will illuminate how your company can Grow with OpenText.

I am particularly looking forward to our guest speaker, Kevin Gaskell, CEO coach, leadership mentor, writer, speaker and all-round adventurer. Kevin is an extraordinary leader who has led iconic brands such as Porsche, BMW and Lamborghini to unprecedented levels of success, built international companies on the merit of his ideas, and still found time to break a world record, climb the world’s highest mountains and have many more adventures along the way. In his talk, he will speak about the lessons he has learned in his life, particularly during his experience setting the world record for the fastest five-member team to row across the Atlantic, as well as throughout his career at the helm of world-class businesses. Kevin will explore how leaders need to prepare and inspire their teams: if you don’t create your own plan, you end up part of someone else’s. This is a keynote you don’t want to miss!

Transform for the Digital Future

Consider how quickly the world moves and how much has changed since last year. There has never been a more important time to transform for the digital future. The Intelligent, Secure and Connected Business is ready to employ new strategies, stay ahead of competitors and take advantage of current and future disruptions.

I invite you to register now for OpenText World Europe 2021. Click below to watch my personal video invitation:

OpenText is leading the way, and the journey starts here. Claim your spot now!

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Mark J. Barrenechea

Mark J. Barrenechea joined OpenText as President and Chief Executive Officer in January 2012, and also serves as a member of the Board of Directors. In January 2016, Mark took on the role of Chief Technology Officer and was appointed Vice Chair in September 2017.

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