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OpenText Enhances Digital Payment Solutions with Mastercard

Mastercard announced today that OpenText has been selected as an official partner of the new Mastercard Send Partner Program. This partnership allows for the advancement of payment digitization at scale for customers and businesses alike. Mastercard considers its relationship with OpenText to play a key role in solving complex integration challenges, thereby removing friction to drive the most cost-effective digital payment solutions. Digital payment transfers are an area of rapid growth for banks, businesses, and people. However, carefully navigating the digital payment landscape, while ensuring a positive customer experience, can be challenging. There remains an unsolved need when it comes to providing a safe and secure digital payment transfer experience. “In partnering with Mastercard Send, we are extending OpenText’s superior integration services to ensure that customers and partners can quickly enable the secure exchange of digital payments globally,” said Kristina Lengyel, Executive Vice President, Customer Solutions at OpenText.  The number of use cases supported by this new partnership is wide-ranging and growing, some of the most common include business and insurance disbursements.

About the Mastercard Send Partner Program

The Mastercard Send Partner Program offers a new service for technology application providers and service vendors. It was designed to help deliver more convenient and secure real-time, digital payments to their customers. It enables fintech companies, digital platforms, businesses, and governments to meet evolving consumer expectations for speed, choice, and security, through the launch of new capabilities and the accelerated adoption of digital payment solutions. OpenText Capabilities:
  • Global, secure, and resilient integration solution
  • Any to any mapping and data translation to support all banking and payment formats including ISO 20022
  • Complete suite of secure connection options to support all digital channels
  • Proactive transaction monitoring
  • Client onboarding and support
Customer Benefits:
  • Full visibility of payment status
  • Control over the customer experience
  • Predictable and abbreviated processing times
  • Send and receive money in real-time, at home and abroad
  • Unmatched support to meet evolving consumer expectations of real-time digital payments
To learn more about this strategic partnership, please see the Mastercard press release, or here to learn more about the Mastercard Send Partner Program.

Alexis Holland

Alexis Holland is an experienced product marketer and financial services thought leader. Driven by solving complex client payment needs, she takes pride in providing the best customer experience possible by effectively communicating the numerous benefits of the financial services offerings within OpenText Business Network. With years of experience in the financial services industry, Alexis enjoys topics around the rapidly growing and constantly changing world of banking and payments. Alexis is a Senior Product Marketing Manager at OpenText, she leads product marketing efforts for Financial Services.

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