OpenText Enhances Portfolio with Analytic Capabilities

Analytics are a hot technology today, and it is easy to see why. They have the power to transform facts into strategic insights that deliver…

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January 27, 20153 minute read

Analytics are a hot technology today, and it is easy to see why. They have the power to transform facts into strategic insights that deliver intelligence “in the moment” for profound impact. Think “Moneyball” and the Oakland A’s in 2002, when Billy Bean hired a number-crunching statistician to examine their odds and changed the game of baseball forever. Across the board—from sports analysis to recommending friends to finding the best place to eat steak in town, analytics are replacing intelligence reports with algorithms that can predict behavior and make decisions. It can create that 1 percent advantage that creates the 100 percent difference between winning and losing.

Analytics represent the next frontier in deriving value from information, which is why I’m pleased to announce that OpenText has recently acquired Actuate to enhance its portfolio of products. With powerful predictive analytics technology, Actuate complements our existing information management and B2B integration offerings by allowing organizations to analyze and visualize a broad range of structured, semi-structured, and unstructured data.

In a recent study, 96 percent of organizations surveyed felt that analytics will become increasingly important to their organizations in the next three years. From a business perspective, analytics offer customers increased business process efficiencies, greater brand experience, and additional personalized insight for better and faster decisions. In a Digital-First World, organizations will tap into sophisticated analytics techniques to identify their best customers, accelerate product innovation, optimize supply chains, and identify the drivers of financial performance.

Agile enterprises incorporate consumer and market data into decision making. People are empowered when they have easy access to agile, flexible, and responsive analytical tools and applications. Actuate enables developers to easily create business applications that leverage information about users, processes, and transactions generated by the various OpenText EIM suites. Customers will be able to view analytics for the entire EIM suite based on a common platform to reduce their total cost of ownership and get a comprehensive view for more elevated, strategic business insight.

Actuate is the founder of the popular open source integrated development environment (IDE), BIRT, and develops the world-class deployment platform, BIRT iHub™. BIRT iHub™ significantly improves the productivity of developers working on customer-facing applications. More than 3.5 million BIRT developers and OEMs use Actuate to build scalable, secure solutions that deliver personalized analytics and insights to more than 200 million customers, partners and employees.

Designed to be embeddable, developers can use the platform to enrich nearly any application. And, these analytics-enriched applications can be delivered on premises, in the cloud, or in any hybrid scenario.

We are excited to welcome the Actuate team into the OpenText family as we continue to help drive innovation and offer the most complete EIM solution in the market.

Read the press release on the acquisition here.

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Mark J. Barrenechea

Mark J. Barrenechea joined OpenText as President and Chief Executive Officer in January 2012, and also serves as a member of the Board of Directors. In January 2016, Mark took on the role of Chief Technology Officer and was appointed Vice Chair in September 2017.

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