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Modern organizations know that accelerating digital transformation is critical to their success. The launch of OpenText™ Cloud Edition (CE) 21.1 includes new features, products, cloud…

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March 11, 20216 minutes read

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Modern organizations know that accelerating digital transformation is critical to their success.

The launch of OpenText™ Cloud Edition (CE) 21.1 includes new features, products, cloud services and solutions to empower modern work, engage customers, connect global commerce and protect data.

OpenText Content Cloud CE 21.1​

The shift to remote work has led to an increase in ad-hoc creation, sharing and modification of unstructured content in Microsoft O365 and Microsoft Teams, which has exasperated the challenge of properly managing, sharing, and governing that information. The OpenText™ Content Cloud™ extends the capabilities of Microsoft tools by fully integrating them into a central content management platform where they are classified, fully governed and shared with the people and back-end systems that need it. We call this connecting content to your digital business. And it drives improved productivity while meeting security, legal, compliance and governance requirements.

With CE 21.1, OpenText™ Extended ECM for Microsoft® Office 365™ now integrates with Microsoft Azure Information Protection (AIP), ensuring encryption and access levels for content are maintained when managed by Extended ECM, without losing important features such as text search. OpenText Extended ECM has also added dynamic security clearance to allow organizations to dynamically control access to content through environmental variables—further safeguarding access to content.

I am also pleased to introduce OpenText™ Intelligent Viewing, a cloud-first universal file viewer, delivered as part of CE 21.1 – available both standalone and integrated with Content Suite or Extended ECM. OpenText Intelligent Viewing provides quick, secure access to any file type with markup, annotation, redaction and transformation capabilities. This empowers organizations to share and collaborate in a hybrid work environment, knowing that sensitive information is being automatically redacted and kept private.

OpenText Experience Cloud CE 21.1

To stand-out in an increasingly crowded, digital marketplace, organizations need to deliver exceptional and engaging customer experiences. And with the massive shift to digital over the last year, they need to do it quickly and at scale. OpenText™ Experience Cloud delivers personalized, contextualized and frictionless experiences across every channel, built on first-party data.

To support customers in their adoption of Contact Center as a Service (CCaaS) products, CE 21.1 introduces Twilio Flex integration for OpenText™ Qfiniti. Qfiniti compliments Twilio by adding advanced workforce optimization and voice of the customer capabilities like agent assist, quality control, coaching, compliance and multi-channel interaction analytics.

OpenText™ Media Management delivers enhanced productivity for Marketers with new AI-driven search updates to suggest the best visual assets for each customer experience. We also added the ability to brand Digital Hub homepages as well as pin and preview frequently used microsites.

In addition, new SAP HANA and SAP NetWeaver connectors for OpenText™ Fax2Mail™ empowers secure customer communications and uninterrupted workflows from SAP.

OpenText Business Network Cloud CE 21.1

To engage effectively in global commerce, organizations need to build adaptive, ethical, and sustainable trading networks and supply chains. Key to building global supply chain and commerce operations is the ability to digitally collect trading and operational data and break down the data silos that have, for too long, presented significant barriers to efficient operations.

CE 21.1 delivers new capabilities for the OpenText™ Internet of Things (IoT) Platform that empower customers to reduce costs and improve efficiency. Our new Industrial Asset Tracking solution, for example, will track the location and condition of assets in a single dashboard. It provides real-time insight on equipment such as factory machines, forklift trucks and other assets such as pallets, shipping containers, or any inventory that supports business operations. Additionally, we can bind this IoT data to asset documentation and create workflows such as those needed for maintenance orders. And, when combined with the OpenText AI and Analytics platform, organizations gain deeper insight into asset utilization and predictive maintenance requirements.

For OpenText™ Trading Grid™ Online, we also introduced new API connectors to support companies migrating to SAP S/4HANA and enhanced Cartographer to accelerate data map creation and testing. Additionally, improved EDI document viewing in OpenText™ Lens™ enables business users to view an EDI transaction in a human-readable format, providing visibility of supply chain information to a broader audience.

OpenText Security & Protection Cloud CE 21.1

Cyber-attacks have increased by five times over the past year. One of the first and largest was the SolarWinds breach which impacted an estimated 18,000 organizations. Protecting information systems is of paramount importance for our customers, and the OpenText™ Security & Protection Cloud strengthens cyber resilience with proactive threat protection, digital forensics, and backup and recovery.

To detect and remediate emerging security threats, including the recent SolarWinds Orion SUNBURST compromises, OpenText™ EnCase™ Endpoint Security CE 21.1 adds new anomaly detection rules. OpenText will continue to update detection filters in EnCase Endpoint Security as new malware variants or indicators of compromise (IOCs) are released to help customers respond to this evolving threat. It is now also available on the Azure Marketplace.

The OpenText Security & Protection Cloud includes a range of other security technologies, such as the new Webroot BrightCloud® Cloud Service Intelligence that provides organizations with high caliber and cloud-specific threat intelligence.

OpenText Developer Cloud CE 21.1

Developers and product managers want to build with the best and accelerate their time to market. The OpenText Developer Cloud lets developers bring their ideas to life using powerful, developer-trusted APIs quickly and cost effectively.

CE 21.1 also brings new threat management services for API calls to the Developer Cloud by integrating OpenText Webroot’s threat intelligence directly into the platform. This provides near real-time threat intelligence into network and endpoint protection to protect customers from malicious URLs, IPs, files, and mobile apps. 

We’ve also added our IoT Developer Trial to Developers can now sign-up to build and test IoT solutions and supply chain use cases with the help of OpenText experts.

Advanced technology: AI and Analytics

OpenText continues to deliver key enhancements to our solutions for AI and Automation, which underpin the company’s technology portfolio. CE 21.1 delivers a new OpenText™ Magellan™ Integration Center that allows content and data to be replicated and synchronized between on-premises applications and the OpenText Cloud. This enhancement reduces the distance between data and analysis, resulting in less processing time and power for analytical projects and lower cost of analysis.

We also introduced new AI models in OpenText™ Magellan™ Text Mining to improve risk identification with the recognition of hate speech, social security numbers and other potentially sensitive content.

As announced during LegalWeek 2021, OpenText introduced OpenText™ Axcelerate™ Investigation OnDemand, a cloud-first early case assessment (ECA) and investigations technology. Now available in the AWS cloud, Axcelerate Investigation OnDemand provides rapid insights for case strategy and decisions.

Grow with OpenText

OpenText Cloud Edition (CE) 21.1 platforms and applications are designed to accelerate innovation, reduce cost of ownership, and improve productivity in any environment. Visit our website or join me at OpenText World Europe to learn more about accelerating your digital transformation.

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