IT teams want SaaS just as much as business users do

For IT, the burden of information management can be heavy—especially across a large enterprise. If you’re facing the challenges of a distributed workforce, never-ending information…

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May 6, 20214 minutes read

For IT, the burden of information management can be heavy—especially across a large enterprise.

If you’re facing the challenges of a distributed workforce, never-ending information sprawl, diverse content needs and evolving regulatory requirements, you might be looking to digital transformation for solutions. And you’re not alone.

Faced with rising complexity across the ecosystem, 31 percent of organizations say their most important software initiative will be increasing the use of software-as-a-service (SaaS) applications, according to Forrester’s Analytics Business Technographics® Software Survey, 2020.

We recently looked at how OpenText™ Core SaaS apps solve pressing content-related business challenges for greater productivity, collaboration and cost savings. But IT also stands to unlock significant benefits from information management in the cloud.

Let’s look at some of the toughest content challenges that IT is facing today and how SaaS can help.

Barriers to digital transformation

Enterprise employees and teams have a wide variety of content-related requirements, from managing digital employee records to accessing content and collaborating from anywhere.

Managing these diverse content needs and priorities across the organization is a growing challenge for IT. And it often gives rise to a fragmented ecosystem composed of disparate solutions for managing information. Do these challenges sound familiar?

  • SaaS sprawl created by multiple, unconnected applications
  • Shadow IT with teams sourcing their own (unapproved) solutions to save time and meet immediate needs
  • Siloed information that slows down key business processes and requires time-consuming administration
  • Unsatisfactory tools and services that aren’t cost-effective and are difficult to manage, integrate and secure (often on-premises, legacy solutions)
  • High total cost of ownership (TCO) across the enterprise, as a result of all these factors combined

Better business in the cloud

Considering these challenges, it’s not surprising that 45 percent of IT spending will have shifted to the cloud by 2024, according to Gartner. Motivated by a range of benefits, IT is turning to information management as a service (IMaaS) for a strategic, secure and simplified approach to addressing content-related pain points.

  • Strategic: Leveraging a single, secure, cloud-based platform that powers key applications and services helps you reduce costs and better support your organization’s digital transformation.
  • Secure: By shifting to the cloud, IT teams improve security, scalability and availability. SaaS applications minimize risk, help you stay on top of information management regulations and enable secure communication and collaboration from anywhere.
  • Simplified: A cloud-based platform lets you address pressing challenges faster to keep employees and customers happy. By streamlining your solution, reducing complexity and improving access to high-demand apps, you’re better equipped to improve content-related processes.

Accelerate digital transformation your way

OpenText Core applications, powered by OpenText OT2, are designed to deliver on all these needs by addressing enterprises’ toughest content challenges and unlocking maximum business value.

While a shift to the cloud is undoubtedly a win for IT operations, the benefits extend to every level of the organization. As Forrester reports, 76 percent of companies say better content management accelerates digital business. Because what’s good for IT is good for business overall.

Core SaaS apps help IT drive digital transformation by delivering these benefits and more:

  • Flexible: Supports your path to the cloud, whether you’re extending on-premises tools or starting out cloud-first
  • Time to value: Faster time to market with out-of-the-box, cloud-based apps that don’t require too much IT time or effort to launch or manage
  • Targeted use cases: Applications specifically designed to solve challenges by department or vertical
  • Streamlined: The ability to consolidate technology investments to control information and SaaS sprawl, while extracting greater ROI from existing solutions, whether in the cloud or on-premises
  • Enterprise-grade: A single, secure platform via OpenText OT2 that allows you to manage all information in one place and scale easily when it’s time to add more users or use cases
  • Cost-effective: A lower TCO for managing information across the enterprise that improves profitability and supports business growth

Ready to combat IT complexity with secure, flexible information management in the cloud? Explore our overview of OpenText™ Core applications to learn more.

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