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Introducing OpenText Life Sciences Express – it’s simple

Delivering anywhere, anytime, access to your information from any device

OpenText™ Life Science Express has a new name: OpenText™ Life Sciences Smart View. Learn about it here.

Simplicity. That’s what every Life Sciences professional working with regulated business processes needs today. That’s exactly what they’re getting with the intuitive user experience and efficient cloud-based access of our new OpenText Life Sciences Express.

Here’s why simplicity is so important. When thinking about quality assurance, numerous employees and partners must access and read standard operating procedures. Similarly, most people working in the regulatory and clinical areas need access to systems of record to review and approve content participation in workflows, and so on.

Easy to access and easy to use when on the go

They are often under pressure to do this quickly to complete mission-critical tasks in the chain.

These stakeholders might include an executive working between flights in an airport lounge to approve a key document for regulatory submission.

Or a study manager responding to an urgent, post-approval health authority request – after having moved on to an entirely different trial. Whether in the office or on the go, they all need effortless access to information in the system of record, something that hasn’t always been possible.

Intuitive, role-based user experience – essential for infrequent users

Worker expectations are changing. They have been conditioned by apps that provide simple and streamlined methods for completing tasks. That’s why I’m so excited about OpenText Life Sciences Express. This new application offers a way for executives, employees, and partners to manage content and tasks anywhere, anytime, on any device with an intuitive, role-based user experience.

An intuitive, streamlined interface presents only the content and tasks that are pertinent to the user

Life Sciences Express presents the user with their relevant tasks and content, showing only what is truly pertinent to getting their job done quickly and efficiently. It’s simple!

The interface is tailored to the individual user based on their function and role.

This enables multifaceted search, easy task management, and provides personalized collections of documents.  Anyone can get started quickly, with no formal training, on their laptop, tablet, or phone, with only a browser and internet connection, thanks to its cloud-based delivery.

A big efficiency boost

No more wasting time logging into the system via VPN. No more clumsy, one-size-fits-all interfaces. No more frustrating, tedious searches through complex folder hierarchies. Simplifying the process is absolutely essential, because in fact, many people doing this work are casual or infrequent users.

Enables personalized collections of information and favorites

This level of facilitation can make a big impact on productivity and efficiency.

Think about the effect on user adoption and job satisfaction; or how streamlined workflows can ultimately result in earlier trial start dates, faster regulatory approval and response, and improved quality assurance.

Security and compliance built in

Life Sciences Express is a lightweight, content service application built on the cloud-native OpenText LEAP platform, enabling easy access without compromising security or compliance. It’s an extension to OpenText Documentum for Life Sciences, and as such, is intrinsically designed to provide access to the system of record – a single, authoritative source for regulated content.

It takes advantage of many of the security and compliance features built into Documentum, including capturing controlled processes in the audit trail and generating 21 CFR Part 11–compliant electronic signatures, ensuring security and compliance while keeping your high-value content safe.

A way to maximize your investments – and increase productivity instantly

Responsive design provides a streamlined, tailored experience from any device – laptop, tablet or phone

Finally, here’s another reason I’m so pleased that we are now offering Life Sciences Express. As companies move to the cloud, they can maximize existing investments in their on-premise enterprise content management solution.

Because Life Sciences Express connects to Documentum for Life Sciences via a multi-tenant cloud environment, it’s easier than ever to access and use current solutions to immediately boost user productivity.

Now an even broader set of your employees and partners can easily access content and complete tasks with a streamlined, tailored user experience.

Your next step toward digital transformation

OpenText Life Sciences Express balances the need for accessibility, simplicity, and compliance to achieve your business goals. Really, it couldn’t be simpler to take advantage of the cloud and drive the digital transformation of your business processes. To learn more, please visit us.


Lori McKellar

Lori McKellar is the Senior Director of Product Marketing for OpenText. She focuses on products, solutions and services related to AI, Analytics, Low-code development and Process Automation, that help organizations increase automation, operational efficiencies and maximize revenue. She brings over twenty years’ experience in selling and marketing enterprise software in information management.

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