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Harness inbound customer information to transform sales and service operations

Introducing OpenText Core Capture for Salesforce

With digital content becoming the norm, capturing all types of incoming customer information is more important than ever before. Many sales and service teams struggle with an increasing volume of mismanaged inbound information and documents that need to be captured as part of critical information flows and disconnected sales processes. Time-consuming, manual intake of documents can often cause bottlenecks and costly errors, as well as delayed sales opportunities and poor customer experiences. 

“72% of Sales Rep’s total time is spent on non-selling admin tasks, and 8.8% of Sales Rep’s time is spent directly on manual entry of customer and sales information.” Salesforce, State of Sales Report, Fifth Edition

OpenText™ Core Capture for Salesforce® Cloud Edition (CE) 23.1, is built to capture documents and data to accelerate Salesforce processes. It’s a seamlessly connected SaaS capture solution that intelligently processes all types of documents, classifies and routes files, and extracts critical data to enrich and enhance Salesforce processes. By providing real-time access to information, this solution:

  • Enables rapid insights and actions for Sales and Service teams
  • Improves productivity
  • Enhances customer experiences ​

Watch the Core Capture for Salesforce video above to see how the solution automates document capture and the intake of data to accelerate information processing, improve digital information flows, and enhance Salesforce processes.

An example of how captured information is reflected in Salesforce using OpenText Core Capture for Salesforce

Capabilities that transform Salesforce processes

  • Capture and upload incoming digital documents – Digitize, categorize, route and upload documents from different information sources to automate document handling.
  • Classify documents – Identify document types (Application, Proof of ID, Pay slip, etc.). Categorize and route documents to the appropriate people and processes.
  • Extract data and validate relevant information – Capture and process customer documents, extracting critical data to input directly into Salesforce UI fields to accelerate and enrich Salesforce processes.
  • Integrate with Salesforce business processes – Automate repetitive tasks to streamline processing and integrate with Salesforce to reduce manual workloads.
A diagram that shows how OpenText Core Capture for Salesforce works using machine learning to ingest, classify, extract and validate information.

How organizations bring more value to Salesforce environments

  • Digitize the inbound processing of business content, so sales and service agents have early visibility and can prioritize urgent, high-value tasks and customer cases.
  • Automate repetitive tasks and streamline processing, leading to frictionless operations, improved customer satisfaction, and a better employee experience.
  • Reduce document processing time and costly errors, automating document identification and the extraction of information, without manual intervention to accelerate processes.
  • Provide real-time access to information, to enable real-time insights and actions for Sales and Service teams.
  • Run anywhere with public cloud (multi-tenant SaaS), information is protected and always available, reduced operational costs, and optimized processes for Salesforce.

Explore our website or visit us on the Salesforce AppExchange to learn more about how OpenText Core Capture for Salesforce can accelerate and automate your document intake processes and transform your sales and service operations!

Watch the expert session to learn how to boost operational efficiencies by integrating
captured documents and data directly within Salesforce.

Lee Van Cromvoirt

As part of the OpenText Alliances & Solutions Marketing team focused on Salesforce integrations, Lee's goal is to help organizations explore how content enriched business processes are driving the information advantage.

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