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July 8, 20245 minute read

Work as we know it is changing. 

There is no better time than now to embrace the reimagining of what information can do.  

Information (noun): important data at any stage of processing by humans or machines

Reimagine (verb): to imagine again or anew; to think about something in a different way, with a view to creating something new and improved.

By 2035, the AI knowledge worker will be redefined by these trends:

  • Enterprises reinvention at AI speed: Machines will take over mundane tasks and AI will redefine all jobs. The speed and pace at which information must move, integrate, and inform decisions across business ecosystems is at a whole new level.
  • Cloud, security, and AI converge: Cloud applications will enable the pervasive adoption of AI in business. Security concerns will be exponential because AI enables machines to attack machines. And since every company has become a software company, demand for intelligence across clouds, applications, and borders will grow.  
  • Trust and stewardship become paramount: Data privacy and ESG goals become everyone’s job. Data zones and sovereign clouds become nuanced by geography but foundational for all global IT operations. And trust in cloud vendors and providers who manage your data like it’s their own will be table stakes.

In anticipation of this, it’s more important than ever to focus on AI knowledge workers across each of our organizations.  Whether that knowledge worker sits in IT or engineering or HR or supply chain, jobs must be redefined to embrace AI advancements. And that definition must lead to work that has new purpose and meaning.  Knowledge workers across all functions are going to continue to demand choice and flexibility, and our best talent will choose to go if their needs are not met. 

The question will be–who is thinking about reinventing the processes and redefining the roles? What will individuals do with that newfound productivity to be more innovative? And how will organizations accelerate this thinking to gain a competitive advantage in the market?

Information reimagined puts CIOs back at the center of gravity  

The answers to these questions depend on the information management maturity of a company. 

Information management is how organizations think holistically about using data to power and protect the modern-day AI knowledge worker. To drive better integrated and central management of all information within a company (structured and unstructured), mature companies will employ a wide range of tools and solutions to help them manage, govern, and advance large data sets.

Ultimately, how the data and knowledge are then used to improve employee experiences and to advance productivity should be the responsibility of the C-suite. But without the CIO being the driving force behind information management, enterprises will not realize the true benefits of AI.    

Today’s enterprises are also experiencing the convergence of transformation agendas (i.e., digital, cloud, AI, data). The tightening of IT budgets is bringing information management to the forefront again because data security and governance are prerequisites for AI adoption. To meet the growing demands across an organization, the key is revisiting how information flows are orchestrated and how cloud architectures can enable speed and scale across multiple AI use cases. By doing so, CIOs can help their organizations drive profitable growth and business transformation.

How to get started

OpenText powers and protects information to give organizations of all sizes the information advantage. We sit at the center of connected ecosystems, the internet of clouds, and play a critical role as our customers adopt cloud, security, and AI.

We can help you reimagine information to elevate your workforce through:

  • Business Clouds, which deliver trusted information by automating and advancing business processes. With trusted information, your enterprise data management, data governance, and data orchestration can become AI ready.
  • Business AI, which delivers the next-gen autonomous cloud by infusing business applications with intelligence and autonomous decision making. This means you can let the machines do the work by applying AI with automation to advance your business.
  • Business Technology, which provides AI and security built-in for protection and compliance in the cloud. You can bring your mission critical processes to the cloud while knowing we will anticipate enterprise-class needs with security and AI integrated.

Information management delivers secure data management for AI use cases. It offers integration across major business applications with the flexibility to deploy off-cloud, in the public cloud, in the private cloud, or with cloud APIs. And it offers confidence that comes from advanced end-to-end security.  Embracing it is the starting point to positively impact the daily productivity of your knowledge workers by augmenting–-not replacing—with AI.

At OpenText we have a singular goal—to help you achieve yours. All the innovation, engineering, and experiences we invest in are designed to help elevate human potential, so you can do more.

By reimagining end-to-end operations and service delivery through digital transformation, we can enrich our users’ experiences and accelerate the promise that is always at the forefront of our minds—helping vulnerable children all over the world.

Jerome Capili
IT Director
World Vision International

Learn more about what information management can do for your organization, and read the ebook to discover how organizations are elevating human potential by reimaging information. Visit

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