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The growth of unstructured information inside the enterprise is staggering. In fact, experts estimate that over 80 percent of data in organizations is unstructured and is growing at a rate of over 36 percent year-over-year(1). Managing this information across different formats, devices, and applications is a challenge for organizations that’s not going away. There is profound value in this unstructured information. In fact, your company’s future depends on it.

How is the enterprise dealing with all of these new data types? Well, according to Forrester, they’re not. In a survey conducted in May of 2013, only 13 percent of the respondents had a formal
information management strategy in place (2), which is why we’ve spent the last year focusing our efforts on our biggest synchronized software release to date. Announced at Enterprise World, this finely choreographed release features software advancements across our Enterprise Information Management (EIM) suite designed to help organizations manage huge amounts of data and unlock the untapped value of their information to create competitive advantage.

Our latest release features over 300 integration points and stronger synchronization across five suites of software: Content Suite, Process Suite, Experience Suite, Information Exchange Suite, and Discovery Suite.

EIM Holistic Vision
The OpenText Vision: A
Holistic View of EIM

Let me touch on some of the highlights, suite by suite:

  • Content Suite: will reduce costs through security features, information governance, and content lifecycle management. Innovations include an easier to use interface, APIs, reports, report writer, and Archive in the Cloud.
  • Process Suite: automate processes to improve performance with new Smart Process Apps, including Case Management, Case Intelligence, and flexible deployment on premise
    or in the Cloud.
  • Experience Suite: create the best possible consistent experiencewith every interaction through enhancements like omni-channel publishing and adaptive media, web and social analytics, ecommerce connectors, and our new HTML5 user experience.
  • Information Exchange Suite: build trust and reliability, and reduce risk with the secure exchange of information from any user on any device to any destination. Innovations
    include advanced messaging services layer for fax, notification and EDI services, real time audit trails, and data loss prevention capabilities.
  • Discovery Suite: empower people to find, understand, and leverage enterprise information for greater insight and better decision making with solutions for auto-classification, content migration, content analytics, semantic search, eDiscovery – and a CIO dashboard.

With our latest release, we’re also introducing AppWorks, common RESTful services, and an EIM developer platform that accelerates the speed of development and introduces opportunities
for innovation to our customers and partners. With AppWorks, developers can begin to write code using our suites within hours as opposed to weeks, using standard languages such as Java, JavaScript, and HTML5.

The EIM suites outlined above are integrated through AppWorks to leverage the value of combined suites into a comprehensive EIM platform.

EIM Information Flows
Support for Sophisticated Information Flows

AppWorks builds our holistic EIM strategy by supporting complete and integrated information flows to maximize the value of information across the enterprise.

EIM is the next generation of enterprise software. Our latest release delivers a strong technology foundation for our customers to build on and establishes EIM as the mission-critical solution to drive insight, innovation, and growth.

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(2) Alan Weintrub, “The Enterprise
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Value.” ©2013, Forrester Research, Inc: July 15, 2003

Mark Barrenechea

Mark J. Barrenechea is OpenText's Vice Chairman, Chief Executive Officer and Chief Technology Officer. A prominent thought leader, he has extensive experience in information technology and his vision is to enable the digital world to help transform organizations.

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