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The OpenText™ team has spent the last year enriching the OpenText eDOCS user experience ꟷ giving users more choice and more flexibility in how they work….

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June 29, 20182 minute read

The OpenText team has spent the last year enriching the OpenText eDOCS user experience ꟷ giving users more choice and more flexibility in how they work. We’ve launched a new dashboard interface called eDOCS InfoCenter and a new mobile app ꟷ so users can work when and how they want ꟷ delivering better, faster service to their clients.

With version 16.4 launch of OpenText Document Management, eDOCS Edition,  we’ve shifted our focus to the Document Management (DM) Administrator ꟷ providing tools for increased productivity and better decisions. Specifically, we’ve added a new Analytics tab to the eDOCS Management Studio, providing a standard set of reports with the following information:

  • Library usage – when the eDOCS library is used (number of active users; time-of-day usage)
  • User activity – which users are actively engaged (group, location) and what they are doing (viewing, editing, etc.)
  • Library contents – the current makeup of the eDOCS library (breakdown by file type, document type/classification)

By understanding what’s inside your eDOCS library, how your users are engaging with it, and when they are active, you can make decisions to manage your work environment better. For example:

  • Looking to optimize your infrastructure? Identify groups of users and peak usage by location to ensure they have adequate bandwidth
  • Rolling out a new feature? Looking for user feedback? Identify your top users and get their opinion
  • Looking to reduce content classifications? Identify those that are not frequently used

The list goes on, but you get the gist. There’s a lot you can do once you have the tools and the insights you need. And now you do!

The new reports provided in eDOCS are powered by OpenText Information Hub, a highly-scalable analytics and data visualization platform. With this release, eDOCS DM customers receive a limited-use iHub license as part of their annual maintenance, so administrators can create their own dashboards and explore their eDOCS data even further.

To learn more, visit our website or contact us today.

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Kris Mills

Kris is the Director of Product Marketing for Portfolio, an OpenText business unit offering many process optimization and collaboration solutions including Brava! Universal HTML5 Viewer and ETX high-speed remote access. Kris has over 20 years’ experience in product marketing, pre-sales, product branding, software design, and development.

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