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“We are experiencing longer than normal wait times”

How poor customer responsiveness can have a long-term business impact

Recent events have resulted in increasingly difficult conditions in which to run a business, disrupting even the most efficient and well-prepared company’s ability to operate and deliver products and services. Despite the challenges of our current reality, compromising customer responsiveness should be avoided at all costs.

Whether it be a customer order, delivery inquiry, or support ticket, customers will be much more reasonable and understanding when communicated to quickly and regularly throughout any customer-service process.

So, the question is: What steps can you take to be more responsive to your customers?

Many customer service processes rely on individuals to monitor and route requests based on the type, product line, or issue. To shorten response times, companies need to closely monitor and review the entire process for bottlenecks such as an over-reliance on manual steps.

Measuring and analyzing the time each step takes, and determining if it can be shortened through the provision of information or documentation at certain steps in the process is a vital approach. As is evaluate if steps can be automated with simple automatic responses or rules processing.

As companies face evermore restricted budgets and limited IT resources, there are solutions available that could have a huge impact on your customers’ satisfaction and loyalty, solutions that can be implemented quickly and with minimal investment.

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Kris Mills

Kris is the Director of Product Marketing for Portfolio, an OpenText business unit offering many process optimization and collaboration solutions including Brava! Universal HTML5 Viewer and ETX high-speed remote access. Kris has over 20 years’ experience in product marketing, pre-sales, product branding, software design, and development.

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