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Announcing OpenText AI and Analytics CE 21.1

Cloud computing is of ever-increasing prevalence and importance for businesses around the globe, and management and optimization of these environments typically falls to IT. To focus on that management as well as other business-critical tasks, IT teams need a way  to reduce the number of incoming requests through technologies that provide self-service capabilities that enable users to perform activities themselves, without requiring IT support. In the context of Business Intelligence, it’s one reason why 62% of businesses say end-user self-service is a very important strategic technology.

OpenText™ AI & Analytics CE 21.1 introduces several new features and capabilities to enhance the OpenText™ Magellan™ platform support for cloud computing, self-service interactivity and more. Here’s how these innovations can help support your organization.

Cloud Support

Support private and hybrid cloud deployments

As organizations continue to accelerate their adoption of the cloud it has become increasingly important to populate them with appropriate content and data to fully utilize the environment. However, most organizations still need to maintain on-premise hardware, with as many as 98% of companies still running servers today. This requires IT teams to manage hybrid deployments and maximize investments across them. To support these efforts, OpenText™ Magellan ™ Integration Center can now replicate content and data from on-premise repositories to the OpenText Cloud and synchronize the information between locations. This ensures content and data are available to be utilized by applications, regardless of where they reside. It can also benefit enterprise content repositories by increasing content accessibility, or to support compliance with regulatory requirements such as GDPR, where an individual’s data must be hosted within the EU.

Fast-track decision making with hybrid analytics

These same innovations to Magellan Integration Center allow for the location of data and analysis to be aligned to optimize performance. Analysis can be performed where the data resides, or data can be migrated and analyzed on its way to a new location. By reducing the distance between analytics and where the content resides, analytical projects require less processing time and power, giving decision makers answers faster to their business-critical questions. This can be further accelerated by using summaries about data sets from Magellan Integration Center to focus analytic projects on specific subsets of data that are relevant and high-value.

Migrate to additional clouds

We strive to support your organization as you move to the cloud, and are proud to announce that all products that comprise the Magellan Platform can now be deployed to Microsoft Azure, in addition to the OpenText Cloud. This release brings streamlined deployments to Azure for  OpenText™ Magellan™ Text Mining, Data Science Notebook, and Integration Center, Google Cloud Platform GKS for OpenText™ Magellan™ Data Discovery, and Magellan Integration Center is also available for the OpenText Cloud.

Magellan BI & Reporting

Get insights on the go

Decision makers need access to information and insights regardless of where they are. That’s why we’ve enhanced the Magellan BI & Reporting mobile experience for easier consumption of reports and dashboards. This experience is delivered through responsive design as well as touch-optimized interactivity, to allow insights to be gleaned on the go.

Seamless creation of reports

We first introduced a WYSIWYG Dashboard Editor for OpenText™ Magellan™ BI & Reporting with CE 20.2, allowing drag-and-drop creation of reports and dashboards. We iterated upon that with dashboard themes and smart visualizations in CE 20.3, and then two additional themes and a table builder in CE 20.4. Now with CE 21.1, the WYSIWYG editor will alert a user if a visualization is left improperly configured, which would prevent it from providing insights to consumers.

Magellan Text Mining

Intuitive interface

In CE 20.4 we continued our efforts to provide an intuitive & modernized self-service UI for the Magellan Text Mining Studio that allows users to more easily create information extraction and text classification rules. With CE 21.1, that UI has been extended to include management of taxonomy and model rules, simplifying those processes.

Improved AI model for hate speech identification

This release includes a refinement of the hate speech analysis introduced in CE 20.4. This supports internal efforts by groups such as Human Resource departments or external-facing community managers to provide a safe and inclusive environment and reinforce a commitment to corporate citizenship.

New and improved connections to data:

Magellan Text Mining also gives you more data points to connect to than before, with new connections to OpenText™ Archive Center Cloud Edition and OpenText™ Content Server, as well as improved connections to Magellan.

Magellan Data Discovery

Easier consumption of massive datasets

In CE 20.3 Magellan Data Discovery introduced a new time-series analysis chart that could plot up to 500,000 points of data. This gadget has been updated to make it easier to analyze these massive data sets, such as a horizontal scrolling across the time axis, data interval legends, a slider across dates, and more. 

Learn more

To learn more about OpenText AI & Analytics CE 21.1, visit our website.

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