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It has been a year of incredible change with uncertainty touching nearly all aspects of our lives. OpenText™ SVP and CMO Lou Blatt addressed both…

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November 4, 20204 minutes read

It has been a year of incredible change with uncertainty touching nearly all aspects of our lives. OpenText™ SVP and CMO Lou Blatt addressed both the speed and force of change and the need for it in his keynote “Rethink Digital Transformation: OpenText Digital Experience Platform” at OpenText™ World 2020.

“Some say the only constant is change,” said Lou. “I think we can agree that this year we have had more than our fair share.”

During his keynote at OpenText™ World 2020, Lou highlighted that from established players such as HBO and Disney embracing streaming, to disruptors like Uber and Ant Financial shaking up the transport, food delivery and fintech markets, organizations must find new ways of doing things. Moribund incumbents have either disappeared or are struggling.

“How can your organization operate efficiently?” asked Lou. “The answer: accelerating digital transformation to change external factors like the pandemic from powerful threats into big opportunities.”

A modern digital experience platform

By focusing on the customer experience – and investing in an integrated digital experience platform (DXP) – organizations can adopt new capabilities quickly and cost effectively, and accelerate digital transformation to deliver a completely personalized, contextualized, frictionless experience across every channel, built on first-party data.

A modern DXP platform should include five powerful elements, all united into a single platform:

  1. Combine customer data and AI to deliver data-driven experiences at a scale
  2. Harnessing customer insights by listening to and understanding customer behaviors and feelings.
  3. Embrace digital asset management and creative collaboration to deliver rich experiences with video, images, and other emerging digital asset types.
  4. Closely manage the experience to control an ever-increasing amount of content that needs to be created, delivered and personalized at scale.
  5. Ensure an omnichannel strategy that provides customers everywhere, on every platform, at every time, a personalize, rich experience.

This fifth essential element of a DXP matters so much that, according to Lou, “It allows you to engage in relevant conversations with prospects and customers across the entire journey from acquisition to retention. This includes all kinds of touch points: email, SMS, personalized videos, web, mobile, contact center [and] digital assistance.”

Rethink your customer engagement strategy

During the keynote, Avanish Sahai, Vice President, ISV & Application Partnerships at Google, spoke about how Google has been using OpenText’s DXP solution.

Sahai says it’s time for CMOs to rethink their customer engagement strategy. They must respond to customer needs in a very digital manner, adapting to sudden changes in user preferences and behavior, while still maximizing the impact of the advertising budget.

Speaking about how OpenText and Google have innovated in this space, Sahai commented: “It’s really exciting to bring leaders together. You have web content management coming from OpenText. We have Big Query (data analytics) from Google, combined with Google Cloud and Google Ads.”

Such an offering helps enrich conversion across all channels: web, mobile, social, digital display, contact center and even print communications. “Prospect and customer information join together with streamlined experiences and reduce the friction from acquisition to retention,” Sahai added.

To bring this reality to as many organizations as possible, OpenText has also partnered with Amazon, Microsoft, Salesforce, and SAP to co-innovate and bring to market a DXP solution designed for key stakeholders, including knowledge workers, marketers, customer service professionals and supply chain managers.

The good news is that customers are more connected and more eager to engage than ever. And with the right tools, like OpenText Digital Experience, delivering on the DXP promise is easier than ever.

The OpenText Digital Experience is part of the OpenText Experience Cloud, announced as part of OpenText Cloud Editions (CE) 20.4. Learn more about how the OpenText™ Experience Cloud delivers key innovations to help organizations rethink customer experience and enable social commerce.

Watch the session on demand.

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