What’s new in Release 19.4 for OpenText Life Sciences Express

OpenText™ Life Science Express has a new name: OpenText™ Life Sciences Smart View. Learn about it here. If you work in the Life Sciences industry,…

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December 18, 20193 minute read

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OpenText™ Life Science Express has a new name: OpenText™ Life Sciences Smart View. Learn about it here.

If you work in the Life Sciences industry, your head will be nodding in confirmation while reading Forrester’s The Five Big Trends report, especially the part that states employee productivity has emerged as the second biggest driver for ECM investment in 2019. Forrester customers across industries consistently say they need to improve employee experience and deliver relevant content in the moment of need.1

Because Life Sciences is highly competitive and time-sensitive, organizations must stay on top of applications, trials, regulatory work and other tasks. All of this requires multiple stakeholders – both internal and external – to review and approve documents while adhering to the specific regulations around privacy and security for each country in which they operate.

But obstacles get in the way: namely, cumbersome interfaces, VPN security requirements and compliance risks created by working outside the system of record for review and approval.

Cloud-based app delivers relevant content

OpenText™ Documentum™ for Life Sciences customers can take advantage of a tailored, intuitive user experience to easily manage information and tasks anywhere, anytime, on any device without compromising security or compliance.

OpenText™ Life Sciences Express is a cloud-based application that gives employees and authorized partners easy access to systems of record anytime, anywhere on their device of choice – whether your Documentum for Life Sciences repository is on-premises or cloud hosted. An intuitive, role-based user interface delivers only relevant content, with built-in workflows that allow the user to take timely action on critical tasks. Life Sciences Express also gives a big boost in efficiency for regulatory professionals.

Collections accelerate user productivity

With collections, users can create their own personalized collections of information and easily organize the cards into a useful order for quick access to perform their work. For example, a clinical worker would see information on the products that they work on and the studies that they are working on. Life Sciences Express 19.4 adds new flexibility by allowing users to copy collections for quick access.

Life Sciences Express collections
Collections are tailored to a user’s role to see only what’s pertinent.

Complete tasks anywhere, anytime without comprising security or compliance

Task management enables employees and external partners to complete tasks and participate in workflows -dramatically streamlining processes, reducing errors, unnecessary rework and enabling a single, authoritative source for regulated content. The embedded OpenText™ Brava! viewer allows users to view and fully annotate documents during review tasks. The streamlined interface is helpful for infrequent users who need to review and give comments. Life Sciences Express 19.4 expands the workflow tasks supported.

Life Sciences Express review workflow
Life Science Express provides a simple and efficient way to perform workflow tasks, all from a single screen.

Maximize your existing investments

In addition to boosting productivity for traveling employees and external partners, Life Sciences Express is equally valuable for infrequent users who need to work in the system of record with an intuitive, role-based interface to easily interact with regulated content.

Life Sciences Express helps employees and partners easily navigate the workflows associated with a necessarily complex industry, while improving use and increasing productivity. The flexibility of the cloud enables us to continue to create additional purpose-built applications to meet your needs. As your company’s requirements move towards the cloud, OpenText allows you to maximize your existing investments in on-premise solutions. Learn more by visiting our website.

Forrester, The Five Key Trends That Will Shape Your 2019 Content Services Strategy, February 25, 2019.

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Robin Gellerman is the Product Marketing Manager for Life Sciences Enterprise Content Management solutions at OpenText. With over 20 years in the enterprise content management industry, Robin has held a variety of product and industry marketing positions supporting document management, capture and customer communications technologies at OpenText, the Enterprise Content Division of EMC, Captiva and Document Sciences. Most recently, Robin was the Industry Strategist for retail, and has previously worked with energy & engineering and healthcare solutions.

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