What’s new in OpenText InfoArchive Cloud Edition (CE) 20.2

Over the last several releases, OpenText™ has invested heavily in advancing InfoArchive as the modern information archiving platform for long-term compliance of critical enterprise and…

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April 9, 20203 minutes read

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Over the last several releases, OpenText™ has invested heavily in advancing InfoArchive as the modern information archiving platform for long-term compliance of critical enterprise and customer data. In each of the last several releases, OpenText has focused on improvements to cloud-based deployments, compliance, operational excellence, and various user and administrative improvements.

Cloud Archiving

OpenText InfoArchive Cloud Edition (CE) 20.2, along with the rest of the OpenText Cloud Editions (CE) 20.2 software application portfolio, takes advantage of modern cloud infrastructure by embracing both Kubernetes and Helm. InfoArchive CE 20.2 is easier to deploy than ever by providing ready-made Helm-charts for native Kubernetes environments on Google Cloud, Azure, and Cloud Foundry. Furthermore, these environments are fully validated and supported with easy to use, parameterized deployments to help you quickly achieve the necessary level of scalability and performance.

InfoArchive CE 20.2 adds built-in, configurable support for Google Coldline storage, giving customers an even more economical choice for long-term, compliant storage of their archived content.


With this release, InfoArchive is now a fully-managed repository for OpenText™ Core for Federated Compliance. Introduced at last year’s Enterprise World, Core for Federated Compliance provides a central “pane of glass” by which to manage the corporate records policy, provide reporting and oversight, and manage hold policies. Now, customers can manage a single records policy across OpenText™ Documentum™, InfoArchive, and OpenText™ Core for SAP® SuccessFactors® with more repositories such as OpenText™ Content Suite and Microsoft OneDrive and SharePoint coming in future releases.

Other compliance improvements include:

  • Set multiple record-level retention policies on SIP ingestion, providing greater flexibility in implementation projects
  • Additional audits are now available on exports and change of permissions tasks for better compliance and security

Additional Improvements

Further improvements in this release include:

  • Users will now see locale-appropriate dates, times, and number formats throughout the user interface, based on their browser’s settings
  • Administrators can now more easily access search query optimization troubleshooting tools
  • Background requests can now be canceled, and the list provides additional filtering capabilities
  • Additional control through the administrative UX, with fewer manual configurations required

More information

To hear more about the latest release, join the live webinar on May 19, 2020, hosted by our product management team to get in-depth presentations on new capabilities.

To learn more about OpenText InfoArchive features and benefits, visit the product page.

Accelerate your upgrade and reduce risk by working with OpenText Professional Services. Let our experts work with you to assess the current environment and prepare recommendations for a successful upgrade, whether on-premises, in the OpenText Cloud, in other company’s clouds or in a hybrid environment. Customers who have Professional Services-led upgrades report up to 75% fewer queries to Customer Support.

Watch the launch event

Learn how OpenText delivers a modernized information infrastructure that is more agile and integrated so organizations can respond to change faster and easier than ever before.

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