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What’s new in OpenText Gupta TD Mobile 2.4

Business charts in reports, new low-code REST wizard and more

Low-code software development is increasingly being embraced by organizations around the world, allowing developers to reduce the time it takes to develop software, and enabling businesses to deliver custom projects quicker at a lower cost.

The latest release of OpenText™ Gupta TD Mobile brings many new low-code developments, such as the ability to add business charts to web and mobile reports, the new low-code REST wizard which automates the calling of REST services, and new table APIs allowing developers to create flexible apps using very little code.

Business charts in reports

Developers can now use business charts to display reporting data in a compelling and visual way with multiple charts and color themes to best fit your needs. Additionally, users can choose to display a legend, use multiple data series to display comparative charts, and call the report with low-code client-side report configuration.

TD Mobile 2.4 charting in reports
TD Mobile 2.4 charting in reports

Low-code REST wizard

The new REST wizard reduces the complexity of consuming REST services by automatically analyzing a JSON response from a URL or a provided JSON string and creating an apl file that includes all the class definitions required to use the desired REST service, eliminating manual tasks to reduce development effort and errors.

TD Mobile 2.4 REST Wizard
TD Mobile 2.4 REST Wizard

JavaScript Table API

Developers can now use built-in JavaScript functions to enhance the functionality of editable table controls. A JS API has been implemented to show or hide table columns. Another API has been added to allow developers to set the focus cell. This enables developers to guide users in the data editing process.

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You can learn more about Gupta TD Mobile 2.4 or try Gupta TD Mobile 2.4 now.

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