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What’s new in OpenText Freeway Cloud Release 16 EP7

Accelerated EDI trading for small businesses

In today’s world, even small business owners understand that manually exchanging business documents is inefficient and impedes growth. In order to remain competitive, small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs) must be able to exchange electronic documents with their larger partners, usually via EDI or XML. SMBs are also increasingly pressured into modernizing their business practices as many large businesses increasingly mandate electronic trading from all their trading partners as a condition of doing business.

Small business owners shouldn’t feel worried about adopting EDI trading into their business practices. Switching to a small business EDI solution opens greater possibilities for business growth and benefits from information advantage. OpenText™ Freeway Cloud is an affordable and easy to use solution to EDI, specially built with the small to medium-sized business in mind.

With additions and enhancements to OpenText Freeway Cloud in Release 16 EP7, we’ve continued to expand its capabilities and reach. This release includes enhanced functionality for its shipping processes and improved trading partner management. Freeway Cloud also continues to expand its prebuilt hub kits portfolio allowing customers to quickly connect to major retailers with expanded form types.

Multiple shipping options

Freeway Cloud is a full-featured EDI-enabler that offers multiple shipping options such as cross-docking and drop-shipping. Users can pack a complete order in one step by selecting packing rules on an easy tick box popup. The packing rules can then be applied to the entire order or selected lines in a fraction of the time normally taken to pack everything. Additional pick and pack enhancements support more complex and often more efficient mixtures of goods in a given shipment.

Electronic logistics and transport routing

OpenText continues to invest in Freeway Cloud with forward-thinking features. This release, Freeway Cloud gained the ability to electronically request a delivery slot and receive a confirmation and reference back from the Hub. Currently, most retailers operate a manual system via email or phone call, however, electronic logistics and transport routing is quickly being adopted by major retailers and has even become a requirement by a few key retailers, such as JCPenney, Walmart, and AAFES.

Trading partner location management

The Freeway Cloud interface has been organized with best-in-class user experience in mind. New to this release is the ability to manage trading partners’ locations from a single screen and quickly import and export the data.

Growing prebuilt kit library and forms expansions

Reach all major retailers with additional pre-built kits that allow customers to quickly connect to and begin exchanging electronic transmissions with larger trading partners. A wider range of supported forms is also included in this release, including Merchandise Returns (180) and Routing Request Instructions (753 & 754).

With EP7, Freeway Cloud continues to accelerate its growing reach and capabilities without sacrificing the ease and affordability for small to medium-sized businesses to conduct business electronically with their larger trading partners.

Learn more about OpenText™ Freeway Cloud by visiting our website, and learn about the latest innovations in Business Network Cloud here.

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J. Naomi Skinner

As Senior Manager, Product Marketing for OpenText Business Network, Naomi leads product marketing efforts for B2B integration including EDI with OpenText Trading Grid™ Messaging Service and OpenText™ Freeway. With 15 years experience in marketing across various industries, Naomi enjoys translating complex concepts into simple terms.

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