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Today’s corporate law department is expected to operate like any other high-performing business unit: on budget, with measurable results. Yet many still reinvent the wheel…

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July 10, 20194 minutes read

Today’s corporate law department is expected to operate like any other high-performing business unit: on budget, with measurable results. Yet many still reinvent the wheel for litigation, investigations and compliance matters, sending documents to multiple law firms and vendors. This is the costliest and most inefficient way to manage discovery, especially when new matters involve many of the same custodians and documents that already have been produced dozens—if not hundreds—of times.

With the acquisition of Catalyst Repository Systems earlier this year, OpenText™ has addressed these challenges with the availability of OpenText™ Insight for the Enterprise, based on the OpenText™ Insight eDiscovery review platform, OpenText™ Insight Predict technology-assisted review based on continuous active learning (TAR 2.0), OpenText Insight Business Intelligence, along with optional OpenText Legal Hold. (All are offered also as standalone products).

The suite of products makes it easier than ever for in-house legal teams to centralize their legal data, control the flow of documents, support a strategic advantage in litigation, improve security, and standardize eDiscovery with repeatable workflows—while lowering the total cost of review by 80 percent.

Announcing OpenText™ Insight for the Enterprise

A cloud-based multi-matter management solution, Insight for the Enterprise allows in-house law departments to manage dozens (and even hundreds of) matters with a centralized eDiscovery platform and core repository. Legal teams can search pre-tagged documents and data, and immediately provision them to new or existing OpenText™ Insight matters for production—as many times as needed–giving them better control over their data and cases, and driving eDiscovery efficiency. Duplicate processes, such as data collection, processing and even document coding are eliminated—along with the associated costs.

OpenText Insight for the Enterprise solution includes four cloud software modules:

Drive error-free, efficient and defensible legal hold and preservation activities

OpenText™ Legal Hold

  • Legal hold, offered as part of Insight for the Enterprise or as a standalone annual SaaS subscription for enterprises just needing more effective legal hold management, automates interrelated data preservation tasks. Features include legal hold issuance and tracking, integration and synchronization with IT and HR systems, customizable employee questionnaires, automated enterprise triggers for IT task suspension, remote data collection, defensible tracking and audit trails and flexible data delivery options for preservation, archiving or promotion for review (using OpenText Insight, OpenText Axcelerate or third-party software).

Move through eDiscovery, regulatory compliance and investigations efficiently using advanced analytics

OpenText™ Insight

  • Insight is the eDiscovery review platform that is the foundation of Insight for the Enterprise. It also is available as standalone software via an on-demand cloud or subscription model. Insight allows eDiscovery teams to quickly review, find and product documents for a specific matter, leveraging advanced analytics, visual analytics, automated redaction, dynamic review workflow models and self-services processing and production. Users can process, search and review in more than 270 languages, including Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Russian, Arabic, Hebrew and all Western languages.

Quickly surface the most relevant information with machine learning

OpenText™ Insight Predict

  • Insight Predict is advanced technology-assisted review based on continuous active learning, accessed directly within Insight. It prioritizes the most important documents for review—lowering the total cost of review by up to 80 percent. Use it for third-party productions, investigations, early case assessment, outbound productions, witness and issue preparation or privilege QC. Insight Predict maintains multiple rank lists in order to bring the important and most relevant documents to the forefront.
  • Insight Predict also ensures that reviewers combat the risk of missing documents that are relevant from the mainstream of documents being reviewed with the powerful contextual diversity algorithm unique to Insight Predict, improving overall accuracy.

Gain realtime, data-driven intelligence

OpenText™ Insight Business Intelligence

  • Insight Business Intelligence aggregates and analyzes data across a law department’s cases for realtime budget predictability, outside counsel and vendor spend analysis, case trends and more—providing rapid insight for informed decision-making and reporting. An interactive dashboard analyzes progress, performance and spend in realtime—not when it is too late to fix a problem—and provides metrics of effective eDiscovery management across all cases. Customizable reports and key performance indicators are delivered to your desktop, tablet of phone.

EP 6 makes it easier than ever for enterprises to gain control over their eDiscovery data, processes and costs.

Learn more:

Visit our website for more information on OpenText Discovery Suite Release 16. Discover all the latest innovations in OpenText Discovery solutions here, and read more about OpenText Release 16, OpenText Cloud and OpenText OT2 here.

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