What’s new in OpenText EnCase Endpoint Security Cloud Edition (CE) 20.2

As data breaches continue to escalate in both their frequency and severity, it is more critical than ever for security leaders to counter with increased…

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June 3, 20203 minutes read

As data breaches continue to escalate in both their frequency and severity, it is more critical than ever for security leaders to counter with increased monitoring and cyber defenses.

To meet this need, our newest release – OpenText™ EnCase™ Endpoint Security Cloud Edition (CE) 20.2 – now includes persistence monitoring to discover embedded threats, a new SOAR integration with Swimlane, a tighter integration with EnCase™ Endpoint Investigator for DFIR investigations, and Enterprise Endpoints which enables users to visualize agent deployment and health, enterprise coverage, and relevant details on individual endpoint operating systems.

EnCase™ Endpoint Security is the market-leading threat detection and incident response solution, enabling security teams to rapidly detect compromised endpoints and remediate non-commodity attacks. Compromised endpoints and environments can quickly and forensically be returned to a trusted state with comprehensive and surgical remediation. Security teams can further automate alert response, add context to detections with embedded threat intelligence and scoring, and completely investigate any threat that may be encountered in the modern SOC.

EnCase Endpoint Security CE 20.2 features

Persistence monitoring

Advanced threats can embed themselves long term into a network by creating compromise in the registry, which gives a cyber threat the ability to survive a system reboot. This gives the attacker an initial “foothold” into the environment, whereby they can launch additional malicious command & control activities.

Swimlane integration (SOAR) for orchestrated response

Security Orchestration & Automated Response (SOAR) technologies are increasingly important to speed and scale incident response to meet modern demands. Information Security teams can automate response with EnCase™ via pre-built Swimlane playbooks.

Integration with EnCase™ Endpoint Investigator

EnCase™ Endpoint Security is purpose-built for speed and at-scale EDR tasks. When a more detailed investigation is required, easily pass relevant information to EnCase™ Endpoint Investigator for full DFIR analysis.

Enterprise Endpoints

Quickly visualize and understand details surrounding the EnCase™ deployment, including agent health and gaps in deployment.

For more information, please visit our website.

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Learn how OpenText delivers a modernized information infrastructure that is more agile and integrated so organizations can respond to change faster and easier than ever before.

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