How is the enterprise security landscape changing?

In today’s world, the job of protecting enterprise data has never been more challenging. On average, a G2000 enterprise receives a million security alerts a…

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September 25, 20193 minutes read

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In today’s world, the job of protecting enterprise data has never been more challenging. On average, a G2000 enterprise receives a million security alerts a day and is expected to detect, assess and recover from a breach in near-real time. Post breach, the Security Operations Center (SOC) needs to understand at the deepest level how the breach occurred and be able to take steps to ensure the enterprise is protected going forward.

And the growing general awareness of security problems has placed security front-of-mind for executives. We’ve all seen the headlines about major data breaches at one big corporation after another, and senior executives now know the public is watching them. For security professionals, the pressure to maintain enterprise security is only growing.

Changes to the enterprise security landscape

As news continues to break on breaches within the enterprise, a new generation of regulations that require data owners to ensure their information is securely stored and properly managed is changing the way we approach enterprise information security. Think about Europe’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which imposes significant fines on companies that don’t show the proper care with customer data. Depending on your industry, other rules – like the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard, the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act and so on – also specify how data must be handled to ensure security and privacy. This is having a significant impact on the role of security professionals.

There’s also a growing shortage of people resources impacting the industry. Skilled, knowledgeable information security professionals are in high demand, and IT teams are finding it increasingly hard to recruit enough people with the right skills. This has resulted in negative unemployment in cybersecurity, leaving a skills gap that organizations are struggling to close. Add to this the rapidly rising volume of automated attacks, and responding to the thousands upon thousands of security alerts every day becomes a significant challenge.

Learn more at Enfuse 2019

Faced with this shortage of resources and skills in the industry, enterprises are increasingly looking to technology to help them respond to security incidences. Enterprises gain a distinct information security advantage by embedding OpenText™ EnCase’s real-time continuous endpoint monitoring and fearless response capabilities across the enterprise to reduce risk and address a benign compromise before it escalates into a data breach.

At Enfuse 2019, we’ll be talking about the latest product updates, trends in the industry, and how OpenText™ offerings can help organizations gain enterprise-wide visibility into the state of their information security and enable them to scale security services across many thousands of devices globally.

Scheduled for November 11–14 at The Venetian Resort Las Vegas, Enfuse is a great opportunity for digital investigators, legal teams, and security professionals to network, learn about emerging trends and see how OpenText solutions deliver meaningful insights to solve some of their most challenging issues. Sessions and programs will highlight how OpenText solutions enable enterprises to leverage information assets to their full potential to solve investigative, legal, and information security challenges.

Join me at Enfuse to learn how to meet the changing needs of the enterprise security landscape.

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