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What’s new in OpenText eDOCS Release 16.7.2

Where intuitive usability meets enhanced productivity

Repetitive tasks are the bane of every knowledge worker, including lawyers. According to a report by McKinsey Global Institute, over 40% of workers spend at least a quarter of their work week on manual, repetitive tasks –from searching email to managing content – with data entry occupying the most time.

With the release of OpenText™ eDOCS™ 16.7.2, repetitive tasks are replaced with personalized options that improve productivity.

Replace repetitive tasks with intuitive, one-click enhancements

Collaborate, share, and manage legal content – from anywhere – with greater ease than ever before. With eDOCS Release 16.7.2, InfoCenter, the modern and redesigned user experience introduced in 16.2, further advances the user experience with intuitive one-click enhancements to save time:

  • Manage interactions with multiple libraries of choice
  • Eliminate repetitive steps in daily document setup tasks
  • Easily save new document profiles to recent locations, while ensuring items are properly profiled with the correct security designation
See how OpenText eDOCS Release 16.7.2 replaces repetitive tasks with intuitive, one-click enhancements .
With new updated preferences including Library Tab and Profile Defaults, users can further personalize and optimize their productivity using InfoCenter in eDOCS Release 16.7.2.

With eDOCS Release 16.7.2, users can now manage their interaction with multiple libraries while eliminating repetitive steps in daily document setup tasks. Additionally, with new Save Location, users can easily save to recent locations saving time and ensure items are properly profiled with the correct security.

Whether accessed in the cloud, on premise or via mobile or desktop, in OpenText eDOCS Release 16.7.2, eDOCS InfoCenter advances customizable work environments helping knowledge workers improve their productivity.

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Kati Bujna

As the Product Marketing Manager for OpenText eDOCS and Decisiv, Kati supports eDOCS, a document and records management solution and Decisiv, an AI-powered, enterprise search solution, for legal, government, professional services industries inclusive of those with high touch, high value work product. She is responsible for global product and solution messaging and its implementation through all internal and external channels of communication. Kati brings over 15 years of experience within the Information Management industry, at OpenText and other technology companies. She is passionate about helping customers learn and benefit from product innovations for business. Connect at, via LinkedIn, the ILTA community, or at any upcoming OpenText digital user conference!

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