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What’s new in OpenText eDOCS 16.5

Where intuitive usability and data security meet

Data breaches and cybersecurity threats are an increasing reality for lawyers, both in terms of liability and professional responsibility. A compromising incident can result in severe consequences—including inadvertent exposure of trade secrets, IP and other sensitive and confidential data, loss of revenue, penalties, and other high stakes losses. To proactively protect sensitive data, law firms and their corporate clients alike are looking at how to lock down data across their content management deployments, whether on premise and in the cloud.

With important updates to OpenText™ eDOCS in Release 16.5, we’re giving law firms, corporate legal departments and other enterprises peace of mind that their data is secure (and supports industry requirements for security, privacy and compliance). Plus, we’ve made it easier to streamline productivity and increase end user adoption with the addition of a new Microsoft Outlook add-in.

Secure IP against internal breaches—unique to eDOCS Defense

With more than 40 percent of breaches attributed to an internal source, organizations must review and close the gap in their security programs. Only OpenText eDOCS Defense, a new add-on module, protects against internal security breaches with two levels of security: encryption at the document level and rules-based end-user activity monitoring.

First, close the security gap left by encryption at the device level:

  • Unlike encryption at the device level, where sensitive information can still be viewed via server access, eDOCS Defense delivers document level encryption at rest. This ensures that not even system administrators can see the contents without authorization from the eDOCS user interface. Whether on-premises or in the cloud, data is protected at the document level.

Second, pre-empt an internal breach with monitored activity alerts:

  • With eDOCS Defense, organizations can send templated alerts to key personnel to be notified at any stage of a potential breach.  No need to wait until the breach has occurred. Alerts are flexible and configurable and can be sent to designated individuals at various stages of a potential breach (e.g., 50 percent, 80 percent or 90 percent). These warnings can pre-empt a breach, limit damage and, with stored system logs, can help organizations easily meet required regulations.  In the event of a breach, administrators can have the system automatically lock users out of the system to mitigate the potential damage.

eDOCS Defense pre-installed with eDOCS 16.5, requires no new hardware or software. All that is required is a license key and password.

Are you sure your organization is protected against a data breach? Watch this video to learn how eDOCS Defense closes the gap in your data security program and protect against high stakes losses.

Empower users with a faster and more intuitive InfoCenter add-in for Microsoft® Outlook

Collaborate, share, and manage legal content – from anywhere – with greater ease than ever before. The new eDOCS 16.5 InfoCenter add-in for Outlook provides end users with the same functionality offered in the InfoCenter desktop application.  InfoCenter, introduced in 16.2, is the latest addition to the eDOCS arsenal that provides a new, modern and redesigned user experience with a visual dashboard that reduces the number of clicks to get to key items and is easy to navigate—saving users time. Now, whether accessed on or off the cloud, mobile or desktop, eDOCS InfoCenter 16.5 delivers customizable visual tiles, a light footprint, and a modern experience as a standalone app while supporting the Office experience.

Work the way you want to with eDOCS InfoCenter

  • Easily access work products by client, by matter, or by workspace.
  • Quickly access saved searches and recently edited documents.
  • Work in Outlook and eDOCS at the same time.
  • Tale advantage of the speed and personalization of InfoCenter to classify, manage, and govern records, including physical, electronic, documents, email and images.
The new eDOCS user interface delivers a modern, intuitive experience.
OpenText eDOCS InfoCenter works the way you do. The new eDOCS InfoCenter add-in for Microsoft® Outlook provides an intuitive user experience that helps users get to relevant material while in their Outlook.

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