What’s new in OpenText Core Share 19.2

OpenText Core Share Release 19.2 makes it easier to share files in the cloud

In many organizations, documents that need to be shared with external vendors start an email journey back and forth for input and revision. As the collaboration progresses, you must remember to manually update the original document stored in your enterprise content management system to keep the versioning the same between the master document and the version traveling via email. With the release of OpenText™ Core Share 19.2, we have made it easier and more seamless to share and audit content in the cloud directly from your existing ECM solutions, both behind and outside of the corporate firewall.

Enhanced Integration with both Content Suite and Extended ECM Platforms: Bi-directional Synchronization

It has always been a top priority to continuously improve the integrations of OpenText Core Share with our ECM platforms. Release 19.2 brings several exciting improvements to how files are shared between the Content Suite Platform and OpenText Core Share. Real time bi-directional synchronization of folders and documents between OpenText Core Share, Content Suite and Extended ECM Platforms ensures all parties are always working on the most up-to-date version. This automatic synchronization eliminates the error-prone process of reserving and adding new versions, and there is no longer any need to “save” versions back to the Content Server.


Enhanced Integration with Content Suite and Extended ECM Platforms: Unified Audit Log

Bi-directional audit log synchronization enables collaborators to view the real-time unified audit log on both OpenText Core Share and Content Server. This provides organizations with full visibility into all stages of the document journey, for complete records management and regulatory compliance.

Increased IT Administrator controls over sharing content from Content Suite and Extended ECM Platforms

Security is of paramount importance when it comes to cloud-based content collaboration. From Content Server, IT administrators have control over:

  • Which users can share out docs/files/folders from Content Suite to Core Share
  • Which Content Suite folders/files are shareable, and
  • Which Core Share roles are available for sharing.

Combine this with the administrator control features of Core Share and you have a holistic security approach that will keep your content safe!

Learn more:

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Find more information on our website or try the 90-day OpenText Core Share Enterprise Tier free trial today.

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