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What’s new in Encase eDiscovery CE 20.4

Proportional, defensible, and efficient data collection requires a modern approach to accommodate the growth in data, the increase in a remote workforce and the rise in ephemeral data, among other challenges. Collecting data comprehensively, whether the data resides on-premise, in the cloud, or on endpoints such as computers and laptops, is critical to responding to investigations, litigation and compliance matters. It is also critical to collect data inclusively to decrypt data, include embedded files and all types of records.

OpenText™ EnCase™ eDiscovery, the gold standard in forensically sound collections, introduces key enhancements to help users collect data more comprehensively across data sources and more inclusively within data sources. Enhancements include:

  • completion of the new UI
  • the ability to extract files embedded within other files
  • capabilities to decrypt email encoded with S/MIME (beta)
  • support for Mac devices with T2 security chips
  • a new Slack™ connector (beta)
  • new built-in case and custodian dashboards
  • a new jobs report
  • enablement for users to process reports via standard third-party BI (Business Intelligence) and reporting tools

Enhanced UI

The EnCase eDiscovery (Web Beta) introduced with CE 20.2 has been expanded across the entire web application to reach feature parity with the legacy web application. The new UI provides users with modern graphical navigation and web-enabled anywhere access.

Collect data more inclusively

Inclusive data collection is important because it improves search performance and enhances defensibility by reducing the risk of overlooking critical data. EnCase eDiscovery CE 20.3 introduced the ability to collect all types of records including email attachments, calendar events, folder labels and user lists. EnCase eDiscovery CE 20.4 introduces the ability to extract embedded files (e.g. a Microsoft® Excel® file embedded within a Microsoft® Word document). Extracting embedded files allows EnCase eDiscovery to pick up search hits within these previously inaccessible documents to help enable comprehensive discovery without manual workarounds. CE 20.4 also introduces the ability to decrypt S/MIME (beta) and files on devices with T2 security chips. These enhancements similarly surface previously inaccessible data for search to reduce the risk of overlooking critical data.

Collect data more comprehensively

EnCase eDiscovery CE 20.4 includes support for Mac APFS devices with Type 2 security chips. This marks a substantial enhancement to the ability to collect data across virtually all types of PCs and Mac devices.

The new Slack connector beta (available in CE 20.4.1) is an exciting step for EnCase eDiscovery. Including messaging data is increasingly important to collecting data comprehensively. Support for additional messaging platforms will be introduced in subsequent releases.

Improved insight into data collections and collections processes

EnCase eDiscovery CE 20.4 includes new built-in case and custodian dashboards and a new jobs report. These tools allow users to easily view all the criteria related to collections in one place and quickly pivot around the various viewpoints to explore the data and assess collections criteria.

EnCase eDiscovery CE 20.4 also enables support for users to run reports on data collections within EnCase eDiscovery via standard third-party tools such as Microsoft® Power BI® and SAP Crystal Reports™. This enhancement allows users to augment the dashboards and reports that are built into EnCase eDiscovery with the ability to run reports using their standard BI and reporting products.

Learn more about EnCase eDiscovery by visiting the EnCase eDiscovery product page or by downloading the EnCase eDiscovery product overview.

Learn more about modern data collection issues and criteria by reading the whitepaper, “Modern Data Collection: New Imperatives and Critical Requirements.”

View the EnCase eDiscovery connectors data sheet for a complete list of supported devices and data sources.

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