What is codeless quality?

Codeless quality is about using automation and AI to support faster development and release cycles with less time and effort. By reducing the learning curve…

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October 19, 20233 minutes read

Codeless quality is about using automation and AI to support faster development and release cycles with less time and effort.

By reducing the learning curve for quality testing, companies can maximize testing coverage, allowing those closely involved in business analysts (BA) and product experts who typically have deep understanding of the product and/or service but lack technical acumen needed for automation.

Let’s explore how codeless quality complements traditional test methods to deliver powerful, automated testing for impressive business wins.

Codeless quality helps teams test

Codeless quality removes the need for complex scripting and deep coding know-how, allowing teams to create and execute automated functional tests with ease.

This development approach leverages a user-friendly, visual interface, allowing users to create tests using point-and-click UI driven by AI object-detection, automated reusable steps to use for future testing and add checkpoints, and verification steps to ensure applications respond as expected.

Plus, with the right codeless testing tool, organizations can lean on AI object-detection to author resilient testing scripts, quickly and with little effort. Those scripts are immune to any changes in the applications underlaying framework, work seamlessly across browsers and mobile devices, and require very little maintenance between application releases.

Codeless test solutions help meet digital transformation mandates for greater test coverage and accelerate the software development cycle in three ways:

  • Reduce coding hurdles. Allow employees with diverse technical backgrounds to test applications with confidence. Guided by a graphical interface and intuitive approach, users can create test scenarios, verify the application’s adherence to specified functionality guidelines, and certify new releases, quickly while development is still going on. Users simply move through a test case and the codeless tool transcribes that experience into an automated test, freeing strapped programming resources and script maintenance overhead.
  • Make testing more collaborative. Giving everyone the ability to create test scripts without writing code promotes communication and collaboration among team members during the testing process—ensuring application functional glitches are identified and resolved early on. By streamlining the test automation process with application development processes, issues are being detected earlier, often during development, so they can be fixed sooner, thus users are able to focus on other value-add activities, such as test analysis and result interpretation.
  • Battle-test functionality. Create and execute a wide range of functional tests. With expanded testing coverage and the ability to run test scripts in multiples environments across multiple platforms, users spot potential glitches across different user scenarios and usage patterns.

Stay a step ahead with software development

Codeless capabilities offer a powerful solution for streamlining testing and improving application quality. By simplifying test automation and creating reusable scripts, testers can optimize efforts to ensure high-quality software delivery.

Enhance your testing capabilities to stay competitive in the ever-evolving software development landscape. Visit ValueEdge Functional Test and start implementing codeless quality today,

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