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Using information management for positive change

How information management benefits everyone

In content and information management platforms, content is typically created and used internally to document projects, capture knowledge and provide compliance – all of which are important for a business to run smoothly.

But how do these platforms actually drive positive change – both within an organization and in society?

Content comes in many types, including traditional content like Word, PDF and PPT as well as rich types such as audio, video and images. Information in all its forms (content and data) is a key part of the organization’s knowledge. And if you’re not using your information effectively, you’re not seeing the entire picture.

Internally there are many benefits to good information management. Information management can increase efficiencies because all the data and content employees need is in the same place, saving time and allowing staff to work on more high-value tasks. Errors are also reduced because there is no need to manually update data with content, or content with SAP data. Effective information management can improve internal processing, save money and time and also generate measurable benefits. And depending on the business and process, those benefits can directly impact important projects providing global benefits.

Information management for the good

Let’s take the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) as an example. According to UNIDO, information management is having a direct impact on their ability to drive positive change in the world. UNIDO was formed to promote and accelerate inclusive and sustainable industrial development across the United Nations member states.

As a joint OpenText™ and SAP® customer, UNIDO has deployed a suite of OpenText solutions for information management including OpenText™ Extended ECM for SAP® Solutions, to improve and streamline their internal processes that directly relate to the awarding of funds and expertise to developing countries. Processes have been reduced from months to weeks and even to days ensuring that needed skills, support and investment can be delivered faster to parts of the world where it is needed most.

So, when applied correctly, information management can indeed drive positive change not only for an organization like UNIDO, but for everyone.

Learn more

Learn more about how OpenText Extended ECM for SAP enables UNIDO to automate and integrate enterprise content processes here or join us at SAP InnovationX in London to speak with us in person.

Jonathan Beardsley

Jonathan is a Program Manager in Business Transformation and Digital Disruption, particularly interested in how customers are digitally transforming their supplier, customer and business relationships and where OpenText can help. Previously a CEM Architect for 15 years working across a variety of Digital Marketing requirements, helping customers deliver new and innovative online and digital channels.

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