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Transform your HR platform by Extending SAP SuccessFactors

A strategic imperative to save time and improve your employee experience

HR business administrators and IT leaders across the globe are seeking to shift from on-premise, physical or siloed employment files. These often require in-house expertise and additional budget to maintain and update. They are finding that a secure managed cloud solution for centralized employee records allows them to free up internal resources and provide flexibility to scale as the business grows.

The current cost of the energy crisis and uncertainty around workforce supply has focused HR efforts on retaining staff and reducing costs. The expense and effort of hiring and training new employees are significant, and turnover can have a negative impact on the business. Reducing the time to hire, increasing retention, fostering employee engagement, and complying with corporate policy, are all central to optimizing the HR function.

However, transitioning to a digital HR platform is not easy without a good business case and corporate support. For many organizations who have started the move to cloud-enabled technology and manage their employee data in SAP® SuccessFactors®, integrating employee records into a centralized HR platform is critical for success.

Without a centralized digital platform, valuable HR time and resources are wasted. HR professionals spend time searching for employee documents in storage rooms or network drives with unsophisticated security. Some HR teams also spend time creating SharePoint sites which lack integration into HR processes. There was a time when these were reasonable ‘make-do’ solutions. However, HR departments now know these ways of working no longer support the level of digital transformation needed to simplify workflows, increase operational efficiency, and improve employee experiences.

Extended enterprise content management (ECM) for SAP SuccessFactors

OpenText™ Extended ECM for SAP® SuccessFactors® is a comprehensive enterprise solution that provides an integrated, secure, and compliant HR document management system that can be accessed directly from SAP SuccessFactors. This solution enables HR professionals to easily create and manage candidate, onboarding, and employee documents. This extended module for SAP SuccessFactors will make sure documents uploaded into SAP SuccessFactors modules, generated during HR processes, or even migrated from a historic HR application, are controlled in a specific location with granular security access and control. The records retention features also guarantee governance is applied to records from onboarding to offboarding.

10 benefits of Extended ECM for SAP SuccessFactors

Support hybrid work with access from anywhere.
Streamline online access experience through seamless integration and the ability to manage directly from SAP SuccessFactors.
Automate the creation of employee documents to improve HR processes.  
Simplify HR administrative tasks with integrated end-to-end document lifecycle management.
Provide HR teams and employees with self-service tools to quickly find, access, and create documents.
Improve employee record security and deliver transparency with comprehensive auditing.
Simplify compliance with data-driven intelligent records retention.
Eliminate end-of-life concerns through continued improvements and new features released regularly.
Accelerate business growth with a scalable and flexible platform.
Adapt to change quickly using available APIs.  
A screenshot of the SAP SuccessFactors homepage which can be accessed through Extended ECM for SAP SuccessFactors via tiles on the SAP SuccessFactors homepage.
SAP SuccessFactors homepage – Access Extended ECM for SAP SuccessFactors via tiles on the SAP SuccessFactors homepage

Create a complete digital record for your candidates and employees

From the moment you receive a job application form the OpenText solution steps into action. Documents stored directly within SAP SuccessFactors during hiring, onboarding and employment, are managed alongside outgoing communication and historic records in one digital location which can be accessed from anywhere. At any time, employees can access their records using their SAP SuccessFactors usernames and passwords from any location and any device.  

A screenshot of the central workspace where users can quickly find candidate documents.
Central workspace – Quickly find candidate documents

Streamline end-to-end, compliant HR record retention

Candidate or employee records are created and stored instantly within the platform and are audited to improve your IT compliance program. The software automatically records the lifecycle events, document type, status, and user access details of every document. This audit trail remains in place until the rules on destruction, or preservation, are met. These rules, along with flexible cloud deployment options, align with organizational policies, as well as any regional, and local mandates.

The Extended ECM solution provides SAP SuccessFactors with automated document filing, movement tracking, and search. The platform can also detect if documents are missing or out of date, and both the employee and your HR team are notified in such cases, allowing them to remedy the situation.

A screenshot demonstrating the document completeness check where users can easily identify out-of-date and missing employee documents with a document completeness check.
Document completeness check – Easily identify out-of-date and missing employee documents with a document completeness check

Enhance the employee experience with dynamic HR communication

The need to create connected employee experiences is more important than ever before. To help improve employee communication, the platform offers a global employee correspondence tool. It allows HR professionals, managers, and employees, to create personalized communications via self-service tools.

Documents can also be automatically generated as part of a digital HR process, which eliminates the need for additional user interaction steps. Automated bulk communications can also be generated as part of a process. Within just a few clicks, thousands of documents for different employees can be dispatched, signed, returned, and filed in the correct folder within minutes.

The platform also includes integration into digital signature applications. This helps reduce the candidate cycle time and optimizes productivity to allow more time to focus on employee engagement.

A screenshot of the HR Template Designer user interface where users can build and update personalized employee communication.
HR Template Designer- Build and update personalized employee communication

Future proof your HR transformation platform

Whether you are using the on-premise SAP® ERP Human Capital Management solution, cloud-based SAP SuccessFactors solutions, or you require a hybrid deployment, Extended ECM for SAP SuccessFactors can help you improve efficiency levels for HR document management. 

Configuration support can be provided directly by OpenText Professional Services or your trusted certified Services Partners, who understand best practices and are focused on supporting your digital transformation program.

Verna Tomkinson

Verna Tomkinson is a Senior Product Marketing Manager whose focus is supporting and building the global awareness of the OpenText HR solutions. With more than 6 years of experience successfully facilitating innovative HR Digital transformation programs, Verna is passionate about delivering a simple message which inspires business, improves employee experiences, and supports hybrid organizations.

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