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Top 6 highlights from OpenText World 2022

The best of this year’s ultimate information management conference is on-demand

The ultimate information management conference was back in-person October 4-6 in Las Vegas! OpenText World 2022 featured keynotes from global leaders, peer networking, expert meet ups, hands-on labs, and more. Here are a few of the highlights—some you can catch on-demand right now:

1. Opening keynote: Elevate business with the information advantage

During his opening keynote at OpenText World 2022, OpenText CEO & CTO, Mark J. Barrenechea said, “We’re calling this The Great Reunion… We’ve been innovating for the last three years, and our navigators and customers have been doing some incredible innovation.” Mark explored how the most successful companies on the planet are thriving in a world of hybrid work, integrated machines, digital supply chains, new consumer demands, cybersecurity, and sustainability. Mark noted that information is cumulative, exponential, and accelerating and that digital transformation is the only answer to the opportunities and challenges around us. The best-run organizations are collecting, managing, and leveraging their information to out-compete their rivals, become climate innovators, and build the information advantage.

Mark outlined the OpenText vision for Business 2030, which is driven by four key factors:

  • Digital transformation across every industry through information and software acceleration
  • Generations of consumers and employees who demand green, social justice, truth and reconciliation, and trust and compliance
  • The influx of Gen Y and Gen Z to the workforce, bringing human-centric work and workforces to the forefront
  • New requirements for AI to drive new galactic growth. With the power of information and the intelligent core, we are all becoming information management companies, and we are all becoming software companies.

Mark also delved into Project Titanium—the path to prepare for Business 2030—with 100,000 new innovation facets over the next year to help companies solve talent turnover, enhance agility, and drive growth. Register to watch the recording, if you missed it!

2. Guest keynote: Alex Honnold

Professional rock climber and philanthropist Alex Honnold joined us at OpenText World 2022 to share his insights on the importance of preparation. Alex shared how phrases like “unprecedented change,” the “new normal” and “uncertainty”, which have become common place in the past few years, all point us in the same direction: what happens when we don’t understand what it means to be agile and prepared. During the fireside chat, Alex sat down with Mark to discuss how to achieve clarity, calmness and control in the most perilous environments.

3. Technology innovation keynote & demo showcase

Day 2 of OpenText World featured OpenText EVP & Chief Product Officer, Muhi S. Majzoub’s technology innovation keynote. The keynote included updates on product roadmaps and discussion around the latest innovations in CE 22.4 that are enabling companies to master modern work, digitize supply chains, build communication-centric experiences, create secure information advantage, and unleash developer creativity. The presentation was followed by the innovation demo showcase, which included live demos of some of the very latest product innovations. Register to watch the recording now.

4. OpenText Cloud Editions (CE) 22.4 announcement

OpenText Cloud Editions (CE) 22.4 were unveiled at OpenText World 2022. CE 22.4 includes a series of impactful new innovations driving forward Project Titanium to deliver seamless, complete and integrated information management in the cloud. With strengthened offerings in public and private cloud, CE 22.4 innovations unlock tremendous value for customers, providing them the tools, solutions, and trust to help solve their biggest hurdles and excel in a world of accelerated change. You can read more in Muhi Majzoub’s announcement blog.

5. The first-ever OpenText Developer Hackathon

This year at OpenText World 2022, we hosted our first-ever OpenText Developer Hackathon. At this powerful and 100% hands-on practical session, attendees could participate in two sessions focused on learning, facing challenges, and winning prizes – all while networking with developers from around the world. At the hackathon, attendees used their creativity and expertise to become the first to figure out the code to open the safe and claim the winning prize(s).

6. Networking

OpenText World wouldn’t be the same without the networking opportunities! Attendees had the chance to learn from each other during the many workshops, roundtables, and user groups and to relax and get to know fellow conference-goers during the welcome sessions, opening night reception, and fun closing night event.

One of the top activities was the morning of Day 3 when in-person attendees broke off into teams to put together snack packs. The collected food was donated to Feeding America to help feed more than 3,000 people in need.

Catch up on-demand

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OpenText World 2023

Mark your calendars for OpenText World 2023 at The Venetian Resort Las Vegas, October 10-12, 2023. Stay tuned for more details—registration will be open soon.

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