Top 3 takeaways from Legalweek New York 2019

Legal technology innovations abound at Legalweek

Legaltech 2019 is like the super bowl of legal technology, it brings together the best teams in the industry (on the field and off), draws a huge crowd, and has some of the best advertisements of the year! This year was no exception.

Welcome Catalyst

OpenText is excited to welcome Catalyst to the legal technology solution suite. Catalyst is one of the top providers of machine learning for eDiscovery and investigation use cases. Along with Recommind, they are one of the only purveyors of continuous active learning for legal use cases — otherwise known as TAR 2.0. Now that both Catalyst and Recommind are part of OpenText, clients are able to take advantage of a truly unmatched legal technology offering for enterprises, law firms, and government regulators. We’ll continue to invest and develop the Catalyst platform, just as we have done with the Guidance and Recommind platforms (OpenText™ EnCase™ and OpenText™ Axcelerate™).

Legal technology innovation track

As a millennial in legal technology, I know better than to play the “this was the best year ever” card, but – as a 5 year veteran of attending LegalTech New York (LTNY) – this was the best Legaltech ever!

Our first panel, “Why Lawyers are Adopting AI Faster Than You,” included a lineup of law firm leaders sharing technology strategies, concerns, and plans. We heard from David Lapresi of Phillips Lytle, on the need for education and partnership between technologists and lawyers. We also heard from Andrea D’Ambra of Norton Rose Fulbright on how her firm is using AI chatbots to not only help clients but develop competitive differentiation. And we got a lesson in nomenclature and linguistics from Alexis Mitchell, data scientist at Opus2. Check out Law.com’s coverage of this session here.

Our second panel, “What’s in your smartphone?” covered mobile device and communication analysis. This time around, we didn’t even get through our slide deck because of audience questions and engagement. Laura Roman from the NYSE shared some of the challenges around multifaceted analysis and overlaying chat, email, phone, and app evidence to assemble compelling stories. Warren Singh from Latham & Watkins highlighted the evolving economics of forensic investigations. Anna Clark from Phillips Lytle provoked a cerebral discourse around legal policy and jurisprudence of cell phone collection and search. Meanwhile, the inimitable Brian Morrison of Liberty Mutual helped the audience understand just how much data can be pulled off of devices to tell a compelling story.

Our track concluded with a live discussion around the 3rd Annual Corporate Legal Operations Survey Results with Ari Kaplan, Sharika de Freitas of Viacom, and Tariq Abdullah of Walmart. We talked about the rise of cloud, the importance of AI, how to build partnerships with outside counsel and much more. Download a free copy of the survey here.

The future of AI and machine learning

I always make time at the booth to meet with industry professionals and talk about their challenges and goals for technology. This year our AI platform, OpenText™ Magellan™, stole the show. Many of the legal professionals I spoke with were familiar with eDiscovery review platforms like Axcelerate, but they wanted to know what’s next? When I showed them how Magellan can automatically summarize legal complaints, extract causes of action, litigants, jurisdiction, and analyze sentiment down to the statement level, it was clear we had tapped into a huge pain point. Want to see that demo in action? It’s as easy as filling out this form.

Clients, colleagues, and peers: Thank you

Each year we make this journey for you. We serve the legal community and it’s a pleasure to attend Legaltech and share our passion. On behalf of OpenText, I want to personally thank each of our speakers once again and everyone that stopped by the booth to ask about our latest developments. It’s truly a privilege to hear about your challenges, triumphs, and how you want legal technology to evolve. If you missed us this year, you will have ample opportunity to meet us again at legal conferences across the US, Europe, and Asia. As a preview, we’ll be sponsoring and attending the following conferences and invite you to reach out to us and schedule some time to chat:

Adam Kuhn

Adam is an eDiscovery attorney and the Director of Product Marketing at OpenText Discovery. He holds an advanced certification for the Axcelerate eDiscovery platform and is responsible for research, education and outreach programs. Adam also serves as a Senior Research Fellow at the McCarthy Institute for IP & Technology Law at the University of San Francisco School of Law.

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