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The big challenges in wide-scale government cloud adoption

While public clouds offer a breadth of benefits such as cost savings, scalability, and flexibility, many government entities are hesitant to make the leap. As of 2019, only 11% of federal IT systems are running in the cloud, and less than 5% of private government clouds are experiencing the full breadth of benefits available from cloud adoption. This is largely due to security, privacy, and vendor lock-in concerns, but also the cost of moving away from legacy infrastructure. To mitigate these concerns and ensure a standardized approach, federal regulations were developed to reduce barriers to entry and accelerate the move to the cloud by government entities.  

What is FedRAMP and why is it important? 

FedRAMP – the Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program – is a US government program dedicated to delivering a standard approach to the security and monitoring of cloud solutions. This program was created to spur cloud adoption by federal agencies, while ensuring a minimum and consistent level of protection for critical government data. FedRAMP authorization ensures confidence in the security of cloud solutions available to government agencies by providing consistency and transparency between the US government and the cloud providers.  

What are OpenText and AWS doing to address the demand for FedRAMP authorized Information Management cloud solutions by public sector customers?

OpenText™ has selected Amazon Web Services (AWS) as our preferred public cloud partner to deliver FedRAMP authorized Information Management cloud solutions to U.S. public sector. OpenText selected AWS to partner around FedRAMP because of its vast experience in the U.S. public sector – AWS hosts more FedRAMP authorized cloud solutions than the next two largest public cloud providers combined. The breadth, reliability and scalability of AWS allows us to bring OpenText™ Cloud for Government Information Management solutions securely to agencies across the country.  

Solutions to transform the Public Sector 

OpenText™ Cloud for Government is a FedRAMP compliant solution that combines several of OpenText’s most widely adopted content services solutions including content capture, storage, and document organization with archiving, records management, and imaging. OpenText Content Services enable secure storage of electronic documents in a manner that complies with government standards, while eliminating the expense and waste of paper-only processes. These offerings simplify security processes, providing automatic updates for cloud optimized applications and infrastructure allowing federal institutions to focus on modernizing business processes and enhancing the citizens’ experience, rather than on data center operations and compliance.  

In addition to OpenText Cloud for Government, OpenText offers other FedRAMP-compliant cloud solutions on AWS that extend the modern cloud-optimized benefits of information management cloud solutions from OpenText to government agencies while adhering to ever-tightening and constantly changing security requirements: 

  • OpenText™ AppWorks Platform: OpenText AppWorks is a low-code development platform that enables government agencies to build engaging, smart, and easy-to-deploy process automation applications. Integrating this solution within a government agency allows them to achieve operational efficiencies and innovate on demand while remaining compliance with strict governance requirements.  
  • OpenText™ Extended Enterprise Content Management (xECM) for Government: OpenText xECM provides a digital file system that is FedRAMP compliant, managing the lifecycle of content such as digital file management and case management. This solution was designed to bring government agencies out of legacy paper-only processes, while helping them maintain the strict government compliance regulations. OpenText xECM easily integrates into existing applications and scales to support high content volumes, allowing agencies to expand the solution as they grow. 

A case study in collaborative innovation:  faster access to disability benefits for veterans 

A U.S. agency providing health services to the military needed to streamline disability processes for veterans. The legacy process required veterans to manually enter information, causing inaccuracies and delays. With case management and reporting from OpenText Cloud for Government, the agency can now automatically capture all necessary information, accelerating application approvals improving decision making. 

Get started with OpenText FedRAMP on AWS information management cloud solutions  

See how OpenText is driving innovation for government agencies with Cloud for Government. For public sector agencies and departments that purchase through AWS Marketplace, OpenText Cloud Managed Services for government are available via AWS Marketplace as a private offer. 

Brian Chidester

Brian Chidester is the Head of Worldwide Industry Strategy for Public Sector at OpenText and the host of "The Government Huddle with Brian Chidester" podcast from Government Marketing University. He is responsible for growing OpenText’s Public Sector practice while also ensuring the success of our public sector customers. Formerly, Brian served as the Industry Marketing Lead for Public Sector at Appian. He also has held product marketing roles with Monster Worldwide, Arrow ECS and IHS Markit, where he was awarded Best in Show - Lead Generation at the 2014 MarketingSherpa Email Awards. Mr. Chidester holds a B.S. in Communications Studies from Liberty University, is a Board Member for the University of South Florida - Muma College of Business, and is an Advisor to the G20 Global Smart Cities Alliance at the World Economic Forum.

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