SQLBase 12.1 enhanced database automation

Software solution providers are always looking to increase deployment and maintenance automation. They want to minimize deployment, configuration and maintenance cost as far as possible…

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July 19, 20174 minute read

SQLBase 12.1 Enhanced Database Automation
SQLBase 12.1 Enhanced Database Automation

Software solution providers are always looking to increase deployment and maintenance automation. They want to minimize deployment, configuration and maintenance cost as far as possible to be able to offer competitive pricing.

Customers of software solutions are looking to buy solutions that work with as little IT support as possible. They want to keep their software support cost and Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) low. OpenText™ Gupta SQLBase 12.1 is an embedded database offering high levels of automation for low TCO operations.

OpenText Gupta SQLBase has always been an embedded database offering very low TCO for ISVs and enterprises. The new 12.1 version increases automation in several areas, deploying software solutions that further reduce TCO.

Enhanced backup automation for in-use volumes

Increase IT automation by backing up in-use virtual machines running SQLBase without losing data. Use VSS enabled backup tools to backup volumes with in-use active databases. No database service interruption for backups of high availability systems.

The new VSS backup features allows IT to use just one standardized backup mechanism for data volumes and in-use databases, therefore reducing maintenance efforts for solutions that include SQLBase.

New SQLTalk Plus – SQL testing and data maintenance tool

SQLTalk Plus is a new modern visual database tool with an easy to use ribbon interface for fast access to all features. The new SQLTalk Plus can use any .NET Data Provider (NDP) to connect to data sources. Connect to SQLBase, SQL Server, Oracle and many other data sources and perform direct SQL actions.

Developers can use SQLTalk Plus to create tables, create test data and test SQL performance. Administrators can perform data maintenance, do performance analysis and implement performance improvements by creating new indexes. The optional data output in grid format allows for easy data maintenance, sorting and grouping without the need of typing SQL.

Automatic database upgrades for high performance and scalability

Deploy SQLBase 12.1 to users of SQLBase 9.x to 11.7 without manual interaction to upgrade databases. SQLBase 12.1 will automatically unload and load the data content into the new format database. Automatically deploy the performance and scalability benefits of SQLBase 12.0 to your application users.

SQLBase data synchronization using OpenText Integration Center

The optional OpenText™ Integration Center provides data integration and synchronization between multiple data sources. using Integration Center you can synchronize data between multiple SQLBase databases. You can also synchronize data between SQLBase, SQL Server, Oracle and many other databases.

You can transform data during synchronization, for example create aggregate data and create your own formulas for data transformation. Integration Center is a powerful solution for keeping data up-to-date at multiple locations all the time.

Discover more about OpenText Integration Center.

OpenText Business Intelligence

Optional OpenText™ Business Intelligence (OTBI) is a comprehensive query and reporting solution that enables business analysts and other business users to pose questions about their data and then view the results in visually informative reports. OTBI integrates well with SQLBase installations. OTBI provides decision-makers with greater insight, faster.

Key to empowering business users is the OTBI graphical “semantic layer,” an intuitive, easy-to-use visual interface that offers access to databases and the data they contain. It allows non technical personnel to examine the data and build ad hoc query statements by simply dragging and dropping elements and drawing connections between them. No knowledge of SQL statements is required.

Built-in sharing features allow approved users to collaborate by saving and send reports or “sub-reports” to colleagues. Security features ensure confidential information is not shared inappropriately. Business users can also format reports and save queries for later re-use.

Discover more about OpenText Business Intelligence.

SQLBase is a fully relational, high performance, embedded database that allows organizations to manage data closer to the customer, where capturing and organizing information is critical. SQLBase provides a self-recovering, maintenance-free embedded database architecture that enables users from corporate IT to ISVs to focus on the business application itself – not the underlying database technology. With its small footprint, easy installation and low TCO, SQLBase is the embedded database of choice for organizations around the world.

Read more about OpenText Gupta SQLBase here.

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