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Smarter eDiscovery with OpenText Axcelerate CE 23.1

Integration with Opus 2™ Case Management connects the critical facts within matters to simplify case management

Mastering modern eDiscovery requires a more holistic methodology than the traditional approach of disjointed point solutions based on the stage in the EDRM. Legal teams are looking for a greater ability to embrace litigation requirements from initial project framing to using the data surfaced during review in case management processes.  

OpenText Axcelerate 23.1, scheduled to launch March 31, 2023, extends Axcelerate’s capabilities across end-to-end litigation workflows by allowing Axcelerate users to send review project data directly to Opus 2™ Case Management, a leading case management and trial preparation platform. This connection with Opus 2 Case Management allows Axcelerate users to better connect the critical facts within a matter to ensure they are optimally deployed for case strategy, depositions, and trial process management.​

Automate fact sharing with integration between Axcelerate and Opus 2 to get to the critical facts faster for trial prep

Data from within Axcelerate can be easily ported to Opus 2 Case Management and mapped with their fields to enable all the benefits of that platform. Those include:

  • Trial preparation – Building examination outlines, creating virtual exhibit lists, simplifying the tedious deposition designation process, and finalizing witness bundles;
  • Fact management and chronologies – Collaborating with your team on the facts in your matter, identifying the crucial facts and events, linking documents and more;
  • International arbitration – Connecting cross-border teams, clients, and other stakeholders to streamline proceedings and deliver more sustainable arbitrations; and,
  • Litigation – Streamlining litigation case management and how your teams, clients, and other stakeholders collaborate.

Additional enhancements with OpenText Axcelerate 23.1 include:

  • Integration with Amazon™ Translate. Documents can be translated from any of the seventy-five languages supported by Amazon Translate to any supported preferred language for review. Instead of either standardizing review in English or having to staff reviewers with skills across numerous languages, review project managers can reduce costs and expedite timelines by reviewing entire matters or any portion in the language(s) they prefer. OpenText provides streamlined billing for Axcelerate OnDemand and Private Cloud clients for the use of Amazon Translate services. 
  • The ability to change a redaction reason or color globally across a subset of documents for most file types.
  • The Near Native Microsoft® Excel® viewer now supports inverse redactions to efficiently redact everything except selected cells when only discrete portions of data are appropriate to share.

For more information, please visit OpenText Axcelerate.  

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Rachel Teisch

Rachel Teisch is Senior Director of Product Marketing at OpenText Discovery. She brings nearly two decades of experience in eDiscovery, and is responsible for product marketing for the OpenText Discovery suite of products. She most recently served as Vice President, Marketing, at Catalyst Repository Systems, which was acquired by OpenText in January 2019 and is now part of the OpenText Discovery portfolio.

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