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Switch accelerates digital transformation with eDiscovery technology and services

Switch knows data. As a world leader in data center ecosystems with 100% uptime, the Las Vegas company powers connection and safeguards data for Amazon, Disney, Google and other global enterprises.

When it came to protecting and accessing its own data for legal requests and investigations common to all large companies, Switch faced some challenges.

“We preferred to do it in-house, but we needed to bring on a partner to help us enhance the eDiscovery process. It proved unworkable. Then we hired another vendor and that was even more of a headache.”

– Sam Castor, Executive VP of Policy and Deputy General Counsel at Switch

After evaluating several options, Switch found a flexible and reliable eDiscovery partner in OpenText™ with a combination of technology and managed services, including components on-premise and in the cloud. OpenText™ Axcelerate™, OpenText™ EnCase™ and OpenText™ Insight Managed Review comprise end-to-end eDiscovery software and services designed to reduce risk and cost.

Working with OpenText, Switch manages millions of documents, prioritizing data in a way previously impossible. Now, Switch produces answers for legal requirements quickly and efficiently – gaining results 50% faster and saving money compared to less refined environments, according to Castor. “The OpenText Axcelerate platform has been elegant from the beginning…I wish we had done it sooner because it has allowed us to be much more responsive and avoid a lot of headaches in other litigation that have come up since we first needed an eDiscovery partner.”

Powering the future of a connected world, Switch will continue to rely on the OpenText eDiscovery Suite to gather relevant data in the event of any legal matters. To learn more about Switch’s innovative efforts and its acceleration of digital transformation during the COVID-19 pandemic, check out the success story here.

Ellie Khalili

Ellie is a Customer Marketing Project Manager based in Richmond Hill, Canada. Ellie is responsible for managing customer programs and strategic projects that focus on customer loyalty, retention and advocacy. Through customer engagement programs and activities, she gives customers a voice to share how they are transforming their organizations using OpenText technology. She manages the activities for the Legal Tech and Security suite of solutions.

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