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Patricia’s OpenText story: Finding my fit

Meet Patricia Buenaflor, Senior Mapping Analyst, based in the Philippines.

Patricia joined OpenText straight out of college. Six years later, Patricia reflects on her career journey and the path she took to achieve growth and success.

Finding the right career path

I joined the OpenText team as a Mapping Developer, building out application integration maps for clients to transfer data between our customers and their trading partners.

In my role, I worked closely with the technical analysts on our team and learned that this was the area I really wanted to be working in. In addition to experiencing the technical side, as an analyst, I would have the chance to understand and experience the business side of things more fully.

After a year at OpenText, I was given the opportunity to become a Mapping Analyst, and my daily work changed. I was now working on the other side of the mapping team spectrum – gathering and validating client requirements to hand over to the mapping developers.

Opportunities for travel and growth

My career change paid off! Since I had gained end-to-end experience as both a developer and an analyst, I was picked to join and help form the Quick Response Team in Manila.

This is a specialist team able to carry out quick end-to-end fixes: from analysis to development to deployment. It was challenging and it pushed me to learn new skills.

I was then sent to the UK to share my knowledge with OpenText colleagues in Reading. I spent six amazing months in the UK before returning to Manila, where the opportunities kept coming!

The management team believed in me and I was promoted to a Senior Analyst role and team lead for our Non-Retail Analysis team, composed of 25 people.

Becoming a leader

This new role was a big stretch for me. I was used to doing more technical work, not managing people! But thanks to my family, my colleagues, and my managers, I gained confidence and took on the bigger responsibility.

It has been a great experience – it’s fulfilling to be able to help and mentor others. It’s such a joy to see others grow under my watch.

My growth with OpenText has helped me learn a number of things. Most importantly though, I now know not to be afraid to push myself outside of my comfort zone, as this has been my ticket to personal growth and success.

And now, as a new door opens yet again, I’m preparing to take on a new role as Supervisor for Professional Services Mapping. I’m very excited to see what else I can bring to the table here at OpenText.

Interested in starting your own OpenText journey? Take a look at our Careers page for more information and to view current opportunities.


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