Partena Professional increases productivity and efficiency with OpenText Exstream and Output Server

Partena Professional is a service provider that provides support for administrative processes and human resources policies. This large Belgian group serves more than 200,000 companies and self-employed individuals across several different entities, including the Family Allowance Office, social secretariat, and social security office for the self-employed. Today, Partena uses our market-leading customer communications management solution, OpenText Exstream™ to produce a variety of documents including forms and letters that are individually customized for their clients.

Partena is also leveraging Exstream’s interactive documents capabilities to generate documents on the fly and  reduce the need for printing. Exstream also supports language layers, allowing Partena to produce a single document, and make it available in each language spoken in Belgium — French, Dutch and German. In addition, they use the same variables and the same rules for the document and only need to change the text to fit the language they want to use. Prior to Exstream, Partena needed to have three different documents and three different modifications.

To ensure the documents get to their destination, Partena relies on OpenText™ Output Server, a market-leading output management solution and reports an increase in productivity.

Partena plans to implement OpenText Exstream throughout the entire organization, using one solution company-wide. To watch the video, visit our website.

Gianna Satriano

Gianna is a Customer Marketing Manager based in San Francisco, CA. Gianna is responsible for managing customer programs that focus on customer loyalty, retention and advocacy. She also manages the reference activities for the Customer Experience Management product suite, giving customers a platform to share how they are transforming their organizations with OpenText technology.

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