Overcome the engineering virtual desktop resistance

Give engineers a VDI solution that is reliable and performs well

Many organizations see the benefit of centralizing IT into a single – or limited number – of global data centers or clouds. You know this will save a lot of money, increase IT security and streamline work processes, but engineers may provide strong resistance to centralizing their complex graphical solutions.

Engineers are used to using expensive and powerful personal workstations that provide the graphical power for their 2D and 3D imaging software, and remote access using VNC is often too slow for smooth interactions – not to mention unreliable. So, how do you overcome resistance to virtualized software?

Make your remote access engineers happy

Engineers working remotely need to know the software is reliable and that they can easily re-connect to the remote session to not lose recent work if there’s a network outage. OpenText™ Exceed™ TurboX is the VDI solution for high-speed and reliable remote access for graphically demanding engineering software. Many customers worldwide are using Exceed TurboX to centralize their engineering IT and give engineers access from anywhere. The speed of Exceed TurboX allows for responsive remote access even over low bandwidth connections. The session suspend and resume feature of Exceed TurboX makes sure no work is lost when a remote connection has an outage or the remote access client crashes. Engineers can always resume an existing session.

Happy IT and management

High security of the VDI solution protects your valuable intellectual property. Securing data in a data center is much better than having data float around on user workstations around the globe. Communication between clients and Exceed TurboX servers is encrypted and protected from unwanted eavesdropping. Easy OS patching reduces the IT workload. Keeping application data central means no long-running data-sync has to take place. Having application data on local machines forces users to sync data with servers or other users, creating a versioning issue and resulting in very high bandwidth usage for moving around mostly very large graphical files.

Collaboration and improved workflows reduce the time to market of a product, putting a smile into the faces of upper management.

ETX remote access at SMS group – a manufacturing industry customer

Are you using graphically demanding CAD, CAE, EDA software like Ansys engineering solutions, Autodesk Autocad, Cadence Virtuoso and other EDA software, Dassault Systems CATIA and SolidWorks, OpenSCAD, PTC Creo, or Rhino CAD? Check out OpenText Exceed TurboX for high-performance remote access to graphically demanding engineering software.

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Martin Teetz

Martin is an experienced Product Marketing Manager with long history in designing and marketing development and database software, marketing remote access software including launching the first Windows software development IDE and Windows database. He's a keen content contributor to OpenText social channels.

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