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When I think about OpenText™ InfoArchive, I tend to focus on the value of information, both content and data. The multitude of data types and…

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November 21, 20174 minutes read

When I think about OpenText™ InfoArchive, I tend to focus on the value of information, both content and data. The multitude of data types and large amounts of information that can be ingested into the InfoArchive platform take precedent. Yet, it’s the fast time to value after ingestion which is the lasting power of InfoArchive.

Companies generally buy InfoArchive for reasons of compliance and cost reduction, they later discover something at least as valuable> By bringing data together from multiple sources and exposing it to data scientists and business units that can leverage the data, new insights can be gleaned. This isn’t a theory.

OpenText InfoArchive is already being used for these purposes in some Financial Services, Healthcare and Life Sciences companies. These innovative companies are developing strategies not to hide or restrict access to information in silos, but to provide information as quickly as possible to business units, analysts and individuals. These companies are transforming more rapidly than their siloed competitors by allowing greater access to structured data and unstructured content.

Deep Analysis founder & principal analyst Alan Pelz-Sharpe said InfoArchive is “simple but quite brilliant”, because it allows you to actively archive multiple sources. “Data doesn’t just go to InfoArchive to die — it can still be accessed,” he continued, explaining that most archives are very static – once data goes into them it is still possible to retrieve it, but “far from easy.” He also noted that “most archives are singular, not unified, so you end up with lots of silos. Here (with InfoArchive), everything (no matter how different) can go to one place and be accessed in one place.”

Accessibility leads to innovation

The latest EP3 release of OpenText InfoArchive builds upon innovative enterprise needs to access and search across multiple archived data sets and data types with greater flexibility provided by data filters and search strings. It also builds on InfoArchive flexible capabilities to create custom search forms using XForms constructs. And once the user finds the documents, viewing has been enhanced with the lightweight OpenText Brava!™ Viewer. The seamless integration of Brava! supports viewing of common formats such as PDF, PDF-A, TIFF, GIF, BMP, PNG and JPEG.

OpenText InfoArchive XForms
InfoArchive XForms
OpenText InfoArchive Brava Viewer
The OpenText Brava viewer inside InfoArchive

Efficiency provides greater ROI in OpenText InfoArchive

Just as important as accessing and leveraging information that resides in OpenText InfoArchive is the simplicity and ease of configuring and managing this enterprise application. One of the most valuable enhancements delivered in the current release of InfoArchive is the Holding Configuration Wizard. In InfoArchive a holding refers to the properties of the container or dataset within InfoArchive to where you will direct data and content upon ingestion. The wizard greatly simplifies the configuration of the holding thus increasing efficiency through reducing configuration times by 50 – 60%.

OpenText InfoArchive HoldingWizard
The InfoArchive Holding Wizard

OpenText InfoArchive integration delivers robust solutions

The latest InfoArchive release also leverages other OpenText solutions providing additional value to our customers. InfoArchive is providing Solution Accelerators that demonstrate the integration possibilities with other OpenText products. OpenText™ Output Transformation Solution Accelerator essentially turns the OpenText InfoArchive platform into an archiving and ePresentment solution for high-volume customer communications. This solution transforms print streams into PDF files and indexes them, enabling internal users and external consumers to archive, search and retrieve them as needed. For example, statements can now be immediately archived and then accessed via a web browser by the customer. InfoArchive also enhances the ability to ingest information from transactional databases with the new InfoFusion OTIC Solution Accelerator. This integration with InfoFusion provides greater efficiencies for decommissioning legacy applications and archiving from Production systems while keeping the data accessible, secure and compliant.

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