Announcing OpenText Developer Cloud

Drastic shifts in priorities recently have left developers and their teams supporting new use-cases with fewer resources and less time to ship. These competing priorities have resulted developers requiring a faster, smarter, way to build applications and solution extensions using service-based capabilities in the cloud.

To support the growing number of developers, OpenText™ is announcing OpenText Developer Cloud, giving our customers and partners a new way to take full advantage of the information and data that sits at the heart of every business. Our cloud-based approach to developers will provide customers with the capabilities and tools required to manage information and re-think how software supports their organizations, enabling secure access to your information – anywhere.

Whether your goal is to connect OpenText solutions to other cloud applications or to develop the next great application to manage specific business challenges, we want to be part of your journey.

What is OpenText Developer Cloud

Through OpenText Developer Cloud, we are providing developers with a platform providing the security, auditing and service management capabilities to our APIs in the OpenText cloud. Additionally, Developer Cloud provides project, API and user management capabilities to developers creating applications and solution extensions from using our cloud services.

OpenText Developer Cloud introduces the ability to combine, use and secure a variety of different capabilities, all building on our content management and process management APIs.

  • Capture content using the same great APIs and services that power our OpenText™ Core Capture product
  • Store and Manage content using our Metadata service to manage keywords and if you need to store the content within our cloud environment
  • Process and Automate using the same workflow engine that powers our OpenText™ AppWorks™ product.
  • Sign and complete- use the same signature services that power our OpenText™ Core Signature product incorporate “wet signatures” into your products or processes
  • View and Communicate – information from any content source using our transformation and viewing services to change filetype or move content from static to dynamic viewing apps.

The future of OpenText Developer Cloud

Our developer offering will continue to evolve over time, with plans to expand the platform to include all of our information management services, and with regular updates to the capabilities on offer we can help manage all the steps of the information management lifecycle.

OpenText Developer Cloud will be the new home for all the services that help you manage information overtime, a place for the developer community-including partners, product and process experts- to connect and work towards creating an easy-to-manage experience through simplifying secure information access.

Sign-up for an account

You can create a free 90-day evaluation account to test out OpenText Developer Cloud at, and see more information on the services, solutions and tutorials.

For those of you who will be new to OpenText, the sign-up is simple and the trial account provides you full access to test our APIs before any contractual obligations. For our existing customers and partners, you can add the trial to your account with an existing OpenText Connect account with administrative privileges.

Chris Wynder

Chris is the Product Marketing Manager for Capture and ACM. He has a wealth of information management knowledge, particularly in highly regulated industries. He shares his deep belief in analysis and taxonomy as the basis of good information governance in his blogs.

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