OpenText™ Axcelerate™ and Slack™ integration helps eDiscovery and investigation teams quickly find the facts in chat data

Remote and hybrid work has created an enduring shift in how businesses operate and how employees communicate, and the explosive growth in the use of collaboration platforms as a mainstream form of business communication that began pre-COVID is with us to stay. When it comes to litigation, investigation and regulatory compliance matters, over 50% of matters involved chat for over 35% of litigators.

The challenges of chat

Effectively and efficiently handling chat data for eDiscovery and investigations requires robust capabilities to tackle the many challenges. These include the ability to ingest chat data efficiently across the varied source applications, the need to replicate chat in a familiar layout to aid review and the ability to split chat message histories into blocks of time to help narrow review. Other chat message challenges include that eDiscovery platforms must support all associated data including redactions and attachments and the ability to include chat data alongside all other forms of data for comprehensive overviews of the scope of projects and so analytics processes return results that are inclusive of all data within projects. 

Axcelerate includes all of these capabilities, and more:

  • Display chat messages in a familiar look and feel;
  • Review chat data independently so reviewers can focus better without jumping between email, chat and document formats;
  • Handle all associated data including reactions and attachments;
  • Include chat data alongside all other data to enable comprehensive summary reports of everything within a project and for analytics tools such as phrase analysis, concept groups and ‘find similar’ to return results that spans all data; 
  • Segment chat message histories into blocks of time to narrow the review effort by focusing on the relevant portions of conversations;
  • Select and produce individual chat messages to not inflate the size of productions; and,
  • The ability to track participants however fragmented their contributions are over time. 

Another key challenge of chat data is the variety of platforms that it originates from. 

Axcelerate integration with Slack 

Integrating with Slack is essential because the data involved in a particular matter may include Slack messages. Axcelerate now supports a dedicated connector for Slack to efficiently collect message data so that the analysis, review, and production process runs more effectively.

When litigation or investigations hit, meeting timelines, containing costs and finding all of the critical evidence in all of its varieties is paramount. Axcelerate’s Slack connector is an essential addition to the family of connectors that Axcelerate supports for inclusive coverage across platforms. 

For more information on Axcelerate and its chat data support capabilities, please see the OpenText eDiscovery solution page.

Duncan Bradley

With over 25 years experience in Market Intelligence and Product Marketing, Duncan brings a rich set of perspectives as a subject matter expert in a broad array of tech topics including content process automation and analytics, data privacy and regulatory compliance. As Product Marketing Manager, OpenText Legal Tech, Duncan contributes to product positioning and messaging across OpenText’s suite of Legal Tech products. Duncan holds a MBA from the University of British Columbia, a BA Hons in Political Science from the University of Guelph and an Executive Certificate in Negotiation and Conflict Management from the University of Notre Dame.

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