Modern viewing and collaboration for the secure remote workforce

Supporting your workforce requires visibility, collaboration, and adaptability. Bringing solutions to the cloud provides the flexibility your organization needs to enable your workforce to work from anywhere. It sounds perfect, but there’s a real challenge to reaching this goal—security. Organizational leaders must stay on top of fast-moving technologies with cloud deployment options that are secured.

In today’s world of the “anywhere, anytime” business, organizations are under pressure to ensure easy access to documents, regardless of the file type or device in use. A secure viewing and collaboration tool provides users with consistent, reliable access to content, while ensuring it never leaves the repository. With the increasing need to secure and control content, it is critical that any viewing and collaboration tool be able to ensure compliance in regards to confidential information.

Cloud deployments are growing in complexity and are integral to the delivery of business-critical technology. This means evolving cybersecurity challenges and business solutions need to deliver business technology with security. That’s one of the great things about cloud, though. The applications and tools offered by cloud providers can be applied across the organization and are always up to date.

Containers, containerization orchestration and automation tools like Kubernetes deliver these types of secure solutions. Containerized applications have a level of security since they can run as isolated processes and operate independently of other containers. They’re truly isolated and can help prevent security attacks and malicious code from affecting other containers.

According to the latest State of the Cloud report, 81 percent of enterprises have a cloud strategy.  To ensure cloud security, organizations need to enforce strict security measures related to content access, viewing, storage and collaboration. Organizations will also need to use cloud or web-based technology that allows sharing and editing of documents to enable cloud collaboration. Cloud collaboration enables people to work simultaneously on documents that live ‘in the cloud’ – so you can access files from anywhere.

OpenText™ Intelligent Viewing, is the future of cloud-first content collaboration software, streamlines and automates business processes with robust viewing, annotation, document redaction, comparison, transformation, and publishing features.

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Jacqueline Probe

Jacqueline has over 20 years’ experience in pre-sales at OpenText. Jacqueline is a Senior Solutions Consultant for Portfolio, an OpenText business unit offering many process optimization and collaboration solutions including Brava! Universal HTML5 viewer and the Report & Output Management Suite.

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