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Modeling your business processes to new ways of working

The COVID-19 pandemic has dictated new measures for business standards, forcing businesses into flux due to social distancing and quarantine restrictions. This new way of working is significantly impacting workplaces and workforces globally, effecting production, distribution, delivery, and sales. This cause-effect relationship has now been propelled to the forefront, effectively changing current business strategies, business processes, and the systems and technology that support them.

A visual model of the business process and enterprise provides a way of seeing, improving, and projecting change within the workings of an organization. Process modeling provides the ability to plan, project, collaborate, and communicate changes across an organization. Modeling builds a blueprint of how your organization can deliver changes, project results, drive improvements, and leverage resources for a stronger more agile, and diverse business.

Organizations need to communicate process changes and plans across an organization by leveraging a single source of truth allowing for collective decision making. Process modeling turns ideas and planning into action by quickly collaborating on changes and projections of working environments. Organizations can discover and eliminate process inconsistencies, restraints, redundancies, and gaps to streamline new processes. Organizations can adapt and improve with precision, effectiveness, and gain the multi-layered visibility needed to drive change and reach strategic goals across your enterprise.

Now more than ever, organizations need to embrace agility, flexibility, and transformation. Process modeling transforms your business to support lean initiatives that lead to cost savings. Modeling initiatives and goals properly align business improvement with business objectives and can reduce the probability of negative ROI on projects and initiatives. As organizations evolve during these uncertain times, process modeling provides the agility to implement the robust changes required to adapt quickly within the new COVID-19 world.

OpenText™ ProVision is an end-to-end solution for enterprise and business architecture and business process analysis – allowing customers to translate business strategy and operational objectives into successful enterprise change through views that describe business processes, enterprise assets, and their relationships.

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Jacqueline Probe

Jacqueline has over 20 years’ experience in pre-sales at OpenText. Jacqueline is a Senior Solutions Consultant for Portfolio, an OpenText business unit offering many process optimization and collaboration solutions including Brava! Universal HTML5 viewer and the Report & Output Management Suite.

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