Four reasons to modernize print-stream archives

Organizations continue to struggle with the age-old print output problem.  The need to govern, facilitate access, view, and deliver high volume print-stream archiving is still…

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March 1, 20225 minute read

Organizations continue to struggle with the age-old print output problem.  The need to govern, facilitate access, view, and deliver high volume print-stream archiving is still constant at many organizations.  You may be asking yourself if it is possible to securely and effectively deliver print-stream content to the right people, in the right format and at the right time?  Aging systems often support retention of print-stream content and unfortunately many organizations are faced with managing and maintaining these legacy systems. Management of these legacy systems is cumbersome and as a result many businesses are considering a modern replacement and retiring the existing solution.

Out with the old and in with the new – updating aging technology

You’ve gone through the lengthy process of identifying what it would take to modernize these types of solutions and it’s not an easy undertaking.  Careful planning is necessary to decouple the infrastructure from the solution.  Working with legacy technologies like mainframes and advanced print formats make uncoupling the solution even more difficult.  Maximizing your infrastructure’s content is especially important and allowing outdated technology can negatively impact your business.  Here are a few reasons why modernizing access to your print-stream content is mandatory.

Modern workforce and security

The evolution and advancement of technology is key to best support a new era of workforce that is widely remote. Your existing solution may not have been designed to securely support the remote workforce and is most likely presents a linear and cumbersome user experience.  New features embedded in modern technology can unleash the power of automation, workflow, and the ability to easily integrate current business processes with streamlined business process tools, and REST APIs.

Digitizing and standardizing business inputs is one of the key bottlenecks for digital transformation.

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Organizations should not overlook the modern advances of security standards and protocols that support the remote workforce. Modern print-stream archiving solutions should have the ability to use the latest standards to store user profiles within directory service solutions. By integrating with directory services, the infrastructure can have a single place to maintain user profiles, licensing and a secure authentication layer that is mandatory for modern applications.

Digital transformation

Digital transformation is necessary to modify and redesign existing legacy business processes to meet changing business and market requirements.  Legacy print-stream archives often deal with the content as a whole. Modern technologies can efficiently separate the individual records from the broader output stream and appropriately classify, retain, and allocate disposition rules to manage life cycle and legal compliance. Search requests and legal hold orders are significantly streamlined by extracting individual records out of large print streams – to avoid having the entire output be managed as a single file. Modern solutions can reorganize the content – changing the user experience – providing powerful search and retrieval queries, content transformations, OCR, and advanced markup and collaboration experiences when viewing the print-stream content.

Regulations and compliance

Compliance and regulations are constantly evolving and present a moving target that organizations are required to adhere to. These cumbersome policies that apply to print-stream content and legacy applications are not built to be flexible which is needed in order to support the changing set of policies and compliance rules that some industries require. As these regulatory rules are constantly evolving, modern solutions need to provide a layer of privacy and security to control the underlying information that is flowing from business step to business step.

70% or more of stored data is ROT – redundant, obsolete, and trivial.

AIIM eBook, Risks and opportunities of managing information chaos

Cloud platform

Container platforms are modern infrastructure for cloud-based applications that provide automation, orchestration, governance, security and are scalable ways to deploy enterprise applications. Legacy applications that provided solutions for print-stream archiving often have limited support for container-based cloud infrastructure and haven’t been redesigned to support cloud-based SaaS licensing. IT costs related to support and maintenance for perpetual licensing increases year-over-year and legacy print-stream archives often don’t have active roadmaps, knowledgeable support personnel and are only available in sustaining maintenance for end-of-life of the product cycle. Modern applications for print-stream archiving need to support cloud-based deployments for consolidated storage, access, management and viewing.

Gaining control of output content is the first step to modernizing and transforming your print-stream archive. Set your business up for success by securely staying on top of functionality, infrastructure, and IT costs with OpenTextTM AppEnhancer. This content management system is designed to manage, organize, and pull information that is accessible to the line-of-business via an application or as an extension to an existing application.

The benefits of transforming content into application-ready information:

  • Centralized systems that provide productivity and simplified workflows
  • Intuitive and scalable repository that enables a rapid capture, store and share of business content
  • Ideal for any size business.
  • Supports the entire spectrum for unstructured content and data management, including print-streams, scanned pages, faxes, files and multimedia objects.

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