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Most effective marketing strategies engage a plurality of channels to reach their target audience. Channels such as email, websites, microsites, mobile apps, social media, video…

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April 25, 20193 minute read

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Most effective marketing strategies engage a plurality of channels to reach their target audience. Channels such as email, websites, microsites, mobile apps, social media, video ads and webinars are now the pivotal elements for an effective and compelling multi-faceted marketing strategy.

But in regulated industries like life sciences, the ability to swiftly leverage new digital marketing assets is limited by the level of regulations and compliance requirements—which significantly slows down their ability to leverage new digital channels to promote new products and services to consumers.

Some of the main challenges in the life sciences industry include:

  • Prescription drug advertisements must be accurate, must include balanced risk and benefit information, must be consistent with the prescribing information approved by FDA and must only include information that is supported by strong evidence;
  • Highly effective review and approval solutions must be developed to meet the demands of changing relationships with doctors and patients;
  • Challenges relating to  unmet medical needs, and duplicating the assessment of unmet medical needs;
  • Adopting to evolving operational needs, including quickly scaling to meet operational and infrastructure need;
  • Ensuring compliance across regulatory guidelines, including the rapidly growing global companies that must also adhere to regional standards.

It’s easy to understand why organizations operating in regulated industries are looking for best practices that can enable a timely and efficient marketing workflow and a rapid marketing process innovation. The ability to leverage a completely automated platform — replacing manual processes with system-driven workflows and asset life-cycles that use Digital Asset Management (DAM) platforms – represents a major step forward to reduce the overall complexity and time-to-market for a fully compliant marketing campaign.

OpenText™ Marketing Content Management for Life Sciences provides a comprehensive platform that automates the regulated marketing asset lifecycle, unifying cross-enterprise production and delivery processes for faster innovation, better brand consistency, and FDA compliance.

These solutions help users to work on a unified suite that fully integrates the upstream creation, promotional & regulatory review with the downstream publishing/distribution phases of the creative marketing process. Furthermore, the availability of collaborative sharing and online review capabilities – such as annotation and online collaboration – coupled with robust analytic capabilities provide actionable insights on the status of the asset development and review processes and of the asset’s expiration dates.

Companies that have adopted these systems for their marketing project management process have experienced the following benefits:

  • 70% reduction in average time for review and approval as the review approval process dropped from days to minutes.
  • 40%-time savings per regulatory personnel as the asset clearance time drop from 1-2 days to minutes.
  • Stronger regulatory compliance as the continuous control on the active asset version reduce the legal exposure risk

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