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Making the Critical Connection between SAP and Office 365

Accelerate Enterprise Efficiency by Integrating SAP and Microsoft Content

In today’s ever evolving business landscape, a seamless connection between front-end applications such as Microsoft Office 365 and back end system such as SAP systems is crucial to helping companies respond quickly to changing market conditions.

Organizations can resolve this systemic business challenge with an approach that not only enables effortless access to critical information, but also meets the regulatory and user experience demands of modern business environments.

Webinar: How to Enable a Seamless Connection Between Your SAP systems and Microsoft Office 365

Join my colleagues, Chris Sargent and Roel Gillesen, as they discuss how SAP Extended ECM by

OpenTextTM, add-on for Microsoft Office 365 ensures that Microsoft Office 365 users have access to essential information and data in your SAP systems and enables key stakeholders in your company to realize significant benefits:

• Business Users: Easy Access to All Relevant Information
• SAP Application Users: Better Process Execution
• IT Managers: Cost Reduction
• Compliance Managers: Risk Mitigation

Join us on Wednesday, June 19, from 11:00am – 12:00pm EST to learn how to enable a seamless connection between your SAP systems and Microsoft Office 365.

Register here.

Deidra (Dei) Jow

Dei is a Strategic Ecosystems Manager for OpenText Microsoft solutions. She helps Enterprise customers improve efficiencies by connecting content and key business processes. She has been in the software industry for 20+ years and previously worked at Microsoft and has a degree in Business Marketing from the University of Hawaii.

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