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Superior customer service delivers customer loyalty and revenue

These days, everyone knows that the better the customer service you offer, the more likely you are to secure repeat business. But superior customer service goes far beyond the basics of training your services reps to be courteous and knowledgeable. It’s also about enabling them to resolve complex customer issues, be proactive and recommend solutions based on the latest customer data and your product offerings.

Resolving complex customer issues and increasing sales

Resolving complex customer issues can be difficult without the ability to properly manage your data and workflows. Critical information often exists in multiple business systems or silos like ERP business applications, Office 365, SharePoint or even on-premise file shares. Legacy systems, restricted user access and inefficient internal processes also hamper customer business workflows. Unmanaged volumes of documents and email contribute to the difficulty to help process customer service requests and close sales opportunities.

To provide superior customer service and increase sales, organizations must connect their client data, sales, marketing, customer service and field services business processes.

OpenText Extended ECM for Microsoft Dynamics 365 can help

OpenText Extended ECM for Microsoft Dynamics 365 provides the critical connection between business processes and Microsoft Dynamics 365. With a single click, the customer’s relevant content — quotes, orders, invoices, network diagrams, product documentation, case files and more — is available directly in the sales person’s or customer service representatives’ dashboard. Sales and Customer service teams can review, edit and share information, including documents, images and diagrams via a familiar user interface.

Sales teams pursuing new customers can access the latest versions of key information, such as product specs, shipping information and pricing available, supporting real-time collaboration and data-driven decisions. They can also access the client’s full set of sales information to view purchasing agreements, create an order and forward to sales for review and approval if a customer is interested in additional products—all while staying in the same business applications.

With insight into all relevant content, no matter where it resides, customer and sales teams can resolve customer issues and close deals without needing to search for content in file servers, shared drives or multiple business applications.

Contact OpenText to learn how your organization can deliver superior customer service with higher value customer engagement and more revenue for you.

Deidra (Dei) Jow

Dei is a Strategic Ecosystems Manager for OpenText Microsoft solutions. She helps Enterprise customers improve efficiencies by connecting content and key business processes. She has been in the software industry for 20+ years and previously worked at Microsoft and has a degree in Business Marketing from the University of Hawaii.

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