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In today’s world, software developers need to be able to create better code in less time. Low-code agile software development can deliver high value to…

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June 11, 20194 minutes read

In today’s world, software developers need to be able to create better code in less time. Low-code agile software development can deliver high value to software developers by increasing productivity and helping the organization maintain a competitive edge.

With OpenText™ Gupta TD Mobile 2.3, available now, we’ve delivered new features to help enhance developer productivity, usability and mobile reporting. Gupta TD Mobile 2.3 continues to add value to mobile and Web business app software development, and the new date picker enables intuitive date input, new APIs and many reporting fortifications further add value to the new version.

Improved developer productivity

TD Mobile 2.3 continues to emphasize the low-code low-effort software development approach for native mobile apps and for Web apps. The latest version now features new client-side event action sections for App Start and App Exit. Using the new events, developers can add custom code that is executed when the app starts and when the app exits.  This can be used to initiate important values, to read values from the local storage or save important values to the local storage when the app exits. Presenting the user with previously used data can help increase usability for mobile and Web apps.

Maintaining same name binds and constants on multiple pages is work intense and error-prone. In TD Mobile 2.3, the new global client-side constants and client-side binds reduce constant and bind definition duplication effort and provide support for working with a set of values on multiple pages. Global constants can now be accessed from client-side code on any app page. Global binds act the same as page bind variables, only they are automatically available from every app page. Global constants and global binds can use the TD Mobile base data types as well as custom UDVs to be able to store complex data objects.

Usability enhancements

Browsers and mobile devices frequently offer no input help for dates or clunky interfaces that are not very easy to use. TD Mobile 2.3 comes with a new intuitive date and date time picker control.

The new date picker lets the user choose the date from a calendar display if required including a time chooser. The API of the new date picker also allows you to choose and retrieve multiple selected dates.

New APIs

Several new APIs enhance the encryption and string search capabilities of TD Mobile 2.3. A new AES based encrypt and decrypt function has been added. The new Regular Expression based string search API provides powerful new search and replace capabilities for strings – for example, you can easily check if an entered value is a valid email address format.

Reporting fortifications

The TD Mobile Report Designer has received several fortifications like watermark support, conditional formatting, image scaling and text line wrapping. With PDF reports watermarks can be defined as either text based or image based. The data source can be either an image file, a report variable or an input item. The new conditional formatting feature is available for all report objects, lines, fields, text and images. Images can now be sized in multiple ways: they can be set to size to fit, size for best fit and size via a percent value. Finally, text fields now have a property for line wrapping. Using this option, text can flow using multiple lines.

TD Mobile Architecture

Building low-code business apps has never been easier with TD Mobile. With our latest release, you can deploy HTML5 Web apps and native mobile apps for Android and iOS from one line of source code.

Learn more

To learn more about OpenText Gupta TD Mobile, visit our website or take a look at our videos on YouTube.

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