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Five reasons to choose OpenText Exstream for Salesforce

Document Generation for Salesforce CRM

OpenText Exstream™ has consistently been recognized by analysts as a leader in the Customer Communications Management (CCM) space for over 10 years. Indeed, OpenText™ was recently named as a 2018 CCM Leader in the debut edition of the Aspire Leaderboard for CCM, an interactive, online vendor evaluation tool for customer communications management solutions.

The Aspire Leaderboard is designed to provide rich and relevant vendor evaluation, with analyst insights in a platform that enables the sharing of best practice information and helps end-users find the best software vendors for their business. We invite you to take a look at the results of Aspire’s analysis here.

We are therefore delighted that our Exstream product is now available on the Salesforce® AppExchange (the online portal for solutions that enhance and compliment the Salesforce CRM solution set). We believe our solution, Exstream for Salesforce® is both elegant and straightforward. It allows CRM users to craft wonderfully consistent, yet individual, communications. Let me talk you through that.

1. Multi-channel is king

Exstream for Salesforce® supports all the channels you would expect: SMS, PDF, HTML, Print. If you are looking for digital signatures, then we support and recommend our good friends at DocuSign.

2. Microsoft Word is not an enemy

Users like Microsoft Word. Sometimes they are just more comfortable manipulating documents in that interface. We embrace that (and we have a web editor for those that are less enthusiastic!) proving that, in fact, you can “please all of the people, all of the time”.

3. It’s not always about Salesforce.

Because our background is enterprise software we know that some of the data for your communications might be sourced from elsewhere, including legacy databases or ERP systems. That’s okay because we can populate from almost anywhere.

4. Users can provide a finishing touch

Yes—many documents can and will be produced automatically without human intervention, and we expect to do that on an Enterprise scale, as we do with our global Exstream customers. We believe, though, that there are many situations where a user will need to finesse a communication before it can be delivered.

Our unique interview mode allows the user to control the final elements of the template at the point of creation.  This flexibility within our system means you don’t need to create multiple versions (1a, 1b, 1c,…) of a template. No longer will you get hung up the phrase “they are the same, but kind of different”.

5. SaaS. Simple pricing.

Our Managed Services Infrastructure is ready to go. We are fully hosted and managed and available on the AppExchange. We have a 25 seat minimum licence, for $20 per user per month.

Those are five key reasons why I think Exstream for Salesforce® brings our unique CCM value to your CRM platform. CCM might be an unfamiliar acronym to Salesforce admins and owners, where the term Document Generation tends to prevail. But I challenge you to think beyond “Document Generation”. Think “Customer Engagement”. Think OpenText.

Want to find out more, or get a demo? Get in touch !

Robin Carder

Working in the ecosystem team at OpenText I am passionate about connecting with Salesforce and customers so that everyone wins. I've spent over 15 years consulting with OpenText customers on projects and post deployment options so my blogs will be down to earth! You can expect to read news on shared events, great customer stories and my view on how to make great friends with OpenText and Salesforce.

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