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Financial institution leverages OpenText and AWS powered solution for personalized digital experiences at scale

Background – Global financial institution seeks to modernize web content management strategy 

A global bank and longtime OpenText™ TeamSite™ customer with 86,000+ employees serving over 17 million clients in 27 countries, needed a robust, scalable content management system to support creating, personalizing, and delivering content across internal business units, external communications and applications and customer-facing omnichannel solutions.  The organization specializes in insurance, investment services, and both personal and commercial banking. With a broad set of services requiring strict compliance with industry regulations, the organization needed a better option of managing robust internal content that would allow them to create, deploy, and manage content across internal and external business units.  

Challenge – Realizing the scalability and security benefits of the cloud   

The financial services organization originally selected OpenText TeamSite deployed on-premises to support their diverse content management requirements.  Previously, the organization relied on disparate, homegrown solutions that lacked a common or consistent workflow. Without consistent integration, it was difficult for the organization to manage, share and reuse new corporate content. These challenges became more apparent as the organization realized they were dependent on IT for content creation and management, delaying the release of new solutions that would benefit both internal and external users, and exhausting valuable resources on data center management. Being a global and highly regulated company handling sensitive data, security and performance were paramount concerns. 

The global bank loved their on-premises TeamSite solution but soon realized the demands of the industry and requirements to support their large and growing base of internal users and customers required a move to a cloud-based solution.  

Solution — OpenText TeamSite on Amazon Web Services 

OpenText TeamSite is an enterprise-class web content management system that enables enterprises to manage, publish, and share digital content easily to create personalized and visually rich experiences for internal and external users. The financial institution was pleased to learn that by modernizing their existing TeamSite licenses to Cloud Edition (CE), software optimized for the cloud, they could begin taking advantage of the many benefits of the cloud while leveraging their existing investment in TeamSite. They were also pleased to learn that OpenText would support TeamSite CE on the cloud platform of their choice. With TeamSite CE, the organization would be able to keep its content authoring on-premises and publish content on Amazon Web Services (AWS). This hybrid approach would enable them to meet the stringent regulatory requirements of the financial sector, while allowing them to take advantage of the power, flexibility, and scalability of AWS.  

“We chose OpenText to deliver compelling digital experiences for our customers and employees and AWS is a central plank of our cloud infrastructure. It is great to see these companies working together to build strong managed services and support options for their joint customers,” said the financial institution’s Director, Enterprise Content Services, Digital Workplace Solutions, Corporate Systems.  

Results – Delivering highly secure, personalized experiences at scale 

Today, OpenText TeamSite powers the organization’s digital experiences, including its internal employee intranet and 700 websites. With 600 approved content authors supporting these websites, users can create, deploy, and manage new content through a self-service interface, delivering personalized omnichannel experiences at scale.  

The TeamSite-based intranet has become the de facto home page for the organization’s globally dispersed workforce, providing a wide range of content management functionality, from banking to sales support. The organization’s sales portal is one of its largest TeamSite applications – allowing more than 10,000 users to access the portal at any given time, a task that previously required heavy IT-involvement.  

By hosting the solution on AWS, the organization can scale on demand as their content library grows. AWS provides the flexibility and performance needed to streamline development, freeing valuable IT resources to focus on innovation and their core business by saving their teams up to 30 hours per week. A key factor in choosing OpenText on AWS was the ability to adopt cloud technologies, while remaining partially on-premises to meet strict regulatory requirements. This shift has allowed the team to modernize their digital experiences while keeping critical data secure.  

This is just one example of how leading organizations are leveraging an OpenText solution powered by AWS to drive innovation. Read how OpenText and AWS are helping customers digitally transform their businesses with innovative Information Management solutions backed by the security, scalability, and performance of the AWS public cloud.  

A "Stone" Scott

Stone has been with OpenText for more than 10 years working on various projects involving innovation and partnerships. Prior to OpenText, he held Marketing and Alliances executive leadership roles at Hewlett-Packard, 3Com, and Lucent Technologies. Stone has also served as a U.S. Diplomat and U.S. State Department Trade Negotiator where he worked on Japan and Canada trade policy.

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